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Editor’s Note: Dr. Rotondi wrote this pamphlet in about 1968 to explain his philosophy and encourage people to switch to a vegetarian/vegan diet. No claim of accuracy is made regarding nutritional information here. We present the entire text as originally published.

By Dr. Pietro Rotondi, D.C., N.D.

Health is your greatest wealth. Treat it with the best of care,
for its loss brings about grief and despair.

What shall we eat?

And God said: Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

-Genesis 1:29

The Divine Law Is Broken. Man Kills to Eat But …

The wolf shall dwell with the lamb and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my Holy mountain; for the earth shall be full of knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.
-Isiah 11:6 & 9



Dr. Pietro Rotondi, a chiropractor and Naturopath, (drugless physician) since 1922, a vegetarian since 1919, is also an author, lecturer, and health teacher. He is president of the Vegetarian Society of Los Angeles, California.

In the following booklet he speaks to you of nutrition and health, and also of man’s mental and spiritual development.


It is my conviction that to be a vegetarian is to adhere to the confirmed Edenic diet, as related in Genesis 1:29-30, and clearly defined by Webster. From the time man deviated from the Divine Plan and became a flesh-eating creature, the ills of the flesh have pursued him and brought about premature old age and hindered spiritual development. There can be no such developing by eating flesh of the dead or their by-products.

Man has many enemies; first himself, and the last to overcome is death. When man has learned to live according to the Divine Plan, death can no longer claim him. There is a tendency to skip the essential words of information in the Bible to sustain our wrong methods of living with so-called proof of ”Divine” ordination. God did not change his mind to please us humans, and the original admonition still holds.

Spirituality of man is the love of the Creator, love of man, and all nature. Spirituality, without a natural diet, prevents the human being to evolve as he should. The poisonous elements in the food of our present civilization are destroying the nation’s health. The results of unnatural food and poor habits have created an unhealthy condition in the physical, mental, and spiritual health of our people. Some of the effects resulting from this are chronic illnesses, and a selfish, brutal, and greedy wish for personal gain. This attitude and manner is destroying the natural love of mankind and breeds war.

Everything that breathes has life. Man was given dominion over all living things. Genesis 1:26, “And God said, ‘Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness; and let him have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle and over all the earth. “‘ Dominion means to discipline and train animals to serve mankind. Thus, while animals should be man’s servants, they have become his worst enemies.

In the ruthlessness of his degeneration, man is destroying nature’s grandeur and himself. The slaughtering of animals and eating of the flesh and by-products engenders hatred in the hearts of men. Wars are boomerangs of nature on man.

In his brutal ambition to satisfy his lusts of murder and bloodthirstiness, man has made nature rebellious and, as a result, has created pestilences and disasters. This reaction has given birth to a Frankenstein. Man is constantly waging wars against a lesser defenseless kingdom, as well as his own. Nature wants all life forms to be naturally long-lived according to its own species.

Dogs are the protectors of man from intruders–watch dogs. They stay close to man to protect and serve through the discipline and training he receives from his master. The natural habitat for dogs and cats is outdoors. They are not to be fondled and loved as one would love a human being. Misplaced human love for animals lowers the human vibration, but raises the animal to a higher level. Our first love is to God, our Creator, and our second love is to mankind. All religions have the same basic principle; that is, Love one another for Love is the fulfillment of the Law.

Isaiah 66: 3 tells us; “He that killeth an ox is as if he slayeth a man; he that sacrificeth a lamb is as if he offered swine’s blood; he that burneth incense, as if he blessed an idol. Yea, they have chosen their own ways, and their soul delighteth in their abominations.”

Hunting, fishing, and trapping is a sign of the lack of love in man’s heart. The killing of animals for food is cruelty. One of the arguments is that if the animals were not hunted and killed, the earth would be overrun by them. This probably could not happen because the Creator of nature balances all things. This applies also to the fish kingdom.

One of the Commandments is “Thou shalt not kill.” This does not apply to killing men only, but also to useful creatures of mankind. Man has degenerated into a beast of prey with his hands and lips dripping with the blood of the murdered, preying on his own kind, on the birds, animals, insects, and all life forms.

Animal societies who are supposed to have love for animals buy food which comes from animals–meat, heart. liver, fish, showing no humaneness to other than their own pets.

A probable reason why cats have become idolized is that, at some time, there was an invasion of rodents bringing plagues, and probably might have caused the death of thousands of human lives. Cats heroically destroyed these rodents. Originally, it was from this abolished menace of rodents that mankind developed a great love for cats. This event is comparable to the time the Mormons’ crops were threatened by the locusts to total destruction, and the seagulls came in flocks as a God-send, destroying the locusts, and thus saving the crops. Thereafter, the Mormons used the seagull as a symbol of protection.

If you had lived in the shadow of a slaughterhouse, as I did, and had seen the sights, heard the sounds, and smelled the odors, you would very easily be converted to the natural way of living. This experience alone would be the factor in changing the eating habits of many people.

After living the Vegetarian Way since 1919, it is always deeply satisfying to meet another vegetarian. However, there are several categories of vegetarianism. Upon being introduced to strangers, the conversation may go like this:

”You’re a vegetarian? How splendid, so are we. We eat no flesh except fish or fowl.”

The other classic answer is, ”But, of course, we’re vegetarians, too. Nothing like being a good vegetarian. No flesh, but who needs it with eggs and milk, vegetables and fruit. Oh, certainly, we eat eggs and dairy products. We’re lacto-ovo-vegetarians!”

What a rude awakening the greatest majority of these misguided people will have! Webster defines vegetarians as ”those who abstain from a meat diet, and live on fruit, vegetables, and farinaceous foods.” Nuts, legumes, roots, tubers, and sea-vegetation to complete the definition. There is no mention of any animal by-product in this list, as defined. In fact, any product of the animal kingdom is no more fit for human consumption than the animal itself. There is much truth in the old adage, ”You may as well eat the Devil as drink his broth.”

Vegetarianism is a basic step towards physical, mental, and spiritual development, but vegetarianism alone is not conducive to higher development; yet it helps to establish a basic physical media to future unfoldment. The attributes of spiritual unfoldment are: Love, charity, gentleness, compassion, self-denial, humility, tolerance, etc. The strictly natural diet raises the level of intelligence above that of the animal. It increases creative ability, beauty, and socialibility. It helps to develop the higher spiritual centers of the frontal part of the brain.

Vegetarianism implies principles, morals, ethics, and sanity. It means to abolish vivisection and slaughter in any form for human food. ”Kosher” means clean, not a special method of killing. God never changed his mind about the diet of man. Only man’s gods gave him special permission. People who live on a strictly natural diet are the ONLY ones who are ”Kosher” (clean) — but they need education, discipline and ethics as much as others.

The first book of Genesis, verses 29, 30, gives us the pattern of our diet; the diet meant for the special creation called ”humans. ” To quote, “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb-bearing seed, which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”

All fully matured, fresh natural foods are the best foods for man. They are conducive to good health — mental and physica — strength, youthfulness, happiness, and painless death. Remember ”Know ye not that ye are the temple of God and the Spirit of God dwelleth within ye? Therefore, he that defileth the temple will God destroy.”

“And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to everything that moveth upon the earth wherein there is life, I have given every herb for meat; and it was so.”

”And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good. 11 Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and tubers were meat for man, and they were good.

Man has lost his natural instinct for good food. His taste buds, sense of smell, and all other senses have been perverted. Disease is ”dis-ease,” the result of ignorance. All diseased conditions can be eliminated by Natural methods for the person who has not deviated too far away from nature. One should learn what is best for his particular makeup in food. The natives of America fasted and medicated naturally. Literature on primitive and early cultures tells us they practiced Nature’s healing methods, using roots, barks, leaves, berries, and minerals.

The grasses are the best source of our medicinal foods. Devil grass is a ”devil” for disease. Animals use grass as a medicine as well as a food, living on rich grasses to recover their health without medical attention. Variations in grasses gives various health values and remedies. Do your hunting for herbs, flowers, fruits, and nuts, in season. The natural food presented by nature gives man a wonderful life.

Realizing the terrible poisons contained in flesh cadaverine (a deadly virus found in the bodies of the dead) and the poison of fear, first of all, prior to and during slaughter, and other poisons, we understand well the statement of the eminent authority, Dr. Karl F. Meyer M. D., Director of the Medical Center, University of California in San Francisco, when he called the animal kingdom ”A reservoir, of disease.”

William H. Feldman, D. V. M., Mayo Foundation, Rochester, N. Y. in an address to the Medical College of Virginia, May 7, 1938, (Virginia Medical Monthly, January 1939 issue) stated, “Man is indebted to the animals for food, furs, clothing, leather, fertilizer, and medicines, besides work and companionship; but on the other side of the ledger, many human diseases are traceable directly or remotely to the use of diseased animals and their by-products.” These facts were not prepared for vegetarians, but they are all the more emphatic coming from flesh-eating, dairy-product consuming members of the human race.

Rabies, encephalomyelitis (sleeping sickness), tuberculosis, jaundice, thyroid cancer, and many others should be enough to give a reasonable idea of the seriousness of animal-to-man communicable diseases.

Granted you do not eat flesh of animals, fish or fowl, let us consider also the milk, cheese, butter and egg question fairly and honestly. By analysis, it has been established that the composition of cow’s milk is vastly different from human mother’s milk. Cow’s milk is intended to build large bony structures, including horns, hoofs, 98% more hair, and is lacking the human brain element according to Dr. John H. Kellog:

”The popular notion that cow’s milk contains everything needed for the nutrition of a human child is an unfortunate and dangerous error, though one into which a person very naturally falls. . . milk is adapted to the nourishment of the species of animal producing it. It is not so well adapted for use by adults of the same species, nor the young of any other species.”

Cow’s or goat’s milk is partaken of by calves and kids only until their teeth are developed for mastication.

Mother’s milk, if normal, is produced until the infant has enough teeth to masticate, and then the child should be weaned. If nature had intended milk for further human consumption, teeth would have been delayed and lactation would have been provided for a much longer period. Forcing cows to produce more milk often causes mastitis, and quantities of pus may be found in the inflammation of the animal’s teats, along with many other infectious bacteria. Thus, we see that forced production of milk is not normal; therefore, the use of milk after infancy is not a healthy procedure, but rather an abnormal one.

To the assertion that milk is purified by pasteurization, may I state that, contrary to propaganda and popular belief, pasteurization destroys the enzymes (or life-giving substance) and does not make milk sterile, or serve to effectively protect against dangerous infections.

Scientific investigations as proven by the works of Rogers and Frazier, and by Prucha, reveal that certain types of dangerous streptococci and other groups of harmful bacteria may actually flourish at pasteurization temperature. Milk is the primary cause of much increase in diseases such as tuberculosis, strep infections, etc. and, to say the least, a contributing factor in many cases of colitis, etc. thus necessitating the prescribing of drugs to alleviate its effect. This has not only multiplied diseases, but increased their fatality.

The truth regarding pasteurization is, of course, barred from the public eye by rigid censorship of the press; their condition rendered acute by expenditures on advertising by the dairy companies. This is also suppressed or misrepresented in educational and medical textbooks

Cheese, like milk, is one of the four greatest offenders in precipitating heart trouble, the other two being butter and eggs. In fact, all animal fats contain cholesterol which the human system cannot break down to digest and eliminate naturally. This black list of animal cholesterol also includes all hydrogenated vegetable oils such as margerine, and hydrogenated peanut butter. Peanut butter, a very important protein, can also be bought without being hydrogenated, the label showing the jar contains ONLY peanuts and salt.

Any product which bears the label hydrogenated, hardened, or even slightly hardened should be eliminated. Hydrogenation is a process by which a chemical gas is forced into naturally harmless oils to solidify them. This treatment produces cholesterol. Various skin disorders stem from hydrogenated foods, along with two of the most prevalent diseases, such as arteriosclerosis and coronary thrombosis.

In eggs, (heavily loaded with cholesterol) the cycle of infection from hen to egg to chick illustrates a vicious cycle, indeed, for the egg eater to contemplate. Eggs laid by pullorum infected hens carry infection in their yolk, internal organs, and intestines at the time of hatching, and an infected chick may survive, mature, and lay infected eggs. There is considerable evidence to prove that one of the contributing factors in leukemia is transmitted by the egg. Pennington and Kossowitz, the latter from Vienna, have found that fresh eggs often contain molds and yeasts. Pennington found only 12 per cent of the eggs examined entirely free from harmful bacteria. All eggs are open to suspicion and therefore unfit for human use.

Another offender against good health is white sugar, devitalized through refining. This refined white sugar in ice creams, candies, jellies, jams, carbonated drinks, cola drinks, and wherever used as a sweetener, does its harm by leeching badly needed calcium from your teeth, cells, bony structure, etc. It is also an important contributing factor to the cause of polio. The use of saccharine, which is now widely used in place of sugar, is a coal tar product and is also detrimental to health. If a sweetener is desired, date sugar, raw sugar, molasses, and honey are highly nutritious and beneficial.

A resolution by the Council on Dental Health clearly states:

”WHEREAS, leading scientists in dental research have reached the conclusion that the consumption of foods and beverages containing white sugar is the primary contributing cause of dental caries, and

“WHEREAS, despite the expansive programs of the public dental health education and more universal dental care of our children, the dental caries rate steadily increases, and

“WHEREAS, since we, as members of the dental profession, should be and are the group most deeply concerned with the control of dental disease and the improvement of the dental health of the public, and

“WHEREAS, since, in many if not most of our schools, the pupils are exposed to the sale of confections and beverages with high sugar content without restrictions and wit,, applied approval Of Our school systems and school authorities,

“THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Southern California State Dental Association goes on record as condemning the sale of candies, gums, and sweetened beverages in all schools in the State of California and favoring the substitution therefore of such refined sugar-free foods as fruits, nuts and milk.”

The above Resolution prepared by the Council on Dental Health was adopted by the Executive Council, December 13, 1952. “JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA STATE DENTAL ASSOCIATION.”

Tea, coffee, cocoa and all carbonated drinks are not food; they are drug stimulants and definiteIy should not be taken into the human system.

Fermented foods are also injurious to the human organism. Fermentation is a process by which nature, under the right conditions namely, air, moisture and temperature breaks down all fruit vegetable matter to return them to their original elements by fermentation. This process produces a gaseous substance in the fruit and vegetable matter. Alcohol, wines, beers, and whiskey are produced by this process. Man, discovering this liquid substance, arrests it at its highest peak and uses it as a drink to exhilarate his mind, which, in turn destroys his brain and other vital organs.

All organic matter, animal or vegetable, continually goes through a process of decay but vegetation ferments long before decay or decomposition sets in. Animal foods decay and produce putrefaction almost immediately. Beware of animal proteins! According to nature, the most healthy sources of proteins are from nuts, legumes, grains and seeds.

In cataloguing the injurious items we cannot dismiss such factors as tobacco and narcotics. To quote:

“Tobacco is a very depressant and nauseant emetic. It is a powerful sedative and narcotic. It paralyzes the motor nervous system followed by softening of the brain. It depresses the heart, sometimes causing death by paralysis of respiration, and sometimes by paralysis of the heart. Fatal results have followed on the inhalation of the vapor into the lungs, death having occurred from a toxic dose in three minutes, with no symptoms except a wild stare and a deep sigh. Nicotine is almost as rapidly fatal as prussic acid. Continued use of tobacco causes nervous depression, atrophy of the retina, dyspepsia, lowers sexual powers, and occasionally causes angina pectoris ‘Used by the young it hinders the development of the higher nerve centers. It impairs nutrition by interfering with the process of digestion and assimilation.” (Produces offensive breath and body odors.)


Recent wide research on the grave disease of lung cancer has proven, without a doubt, that tobacco is largely responsible.

“We do not recommend, but deplore the widespread use of vaccines and all forms of injections, including those for Smallpox, tetanus, and polio. They do not belong to the natural man; they are futile as a protection, dangerous to life, and should be abolished. Through sanitary conditions and the natural way of living, the body is capable of immunizing itself. Much material has been written on the history of vaccination from the natural viewpoint, and it should be further investigated by the interested reader.”


We feel we must also say a few words about the practice of surgery, in many instances unnecessary. The Biblical reference, ”What God hath joined together let no man put asunder” refers symbolically, not only to marriage (a man-made arrangement), but also applies to surgery. Much surgery is unnecessary mutilation for monetary gain.

In this list of debilitating foods, we would be remiss if we did not mention white or refined flours used in the baking of breads, cakes, pastries, etc. The millers are intent on one thing only; that is, to extract the bran and wheat germ from the wheat so that it can he stored in huge granaries without spoiling. In extracting the bran and germ, they remove the life essence, leaving nothing but the starch and protein. Preservatives and bleaches are also added to the white flour. By this process, you the public, are deprived of the essential vitamins and minerals contained in the bran and germ.


Condemned, though innocent, to die
I plead for pity–hear my cry–
If you yourselves would mercy gain
Spare me the wrong of needless pain.
Needless–for in his Maker’s plan
Nature provides the food for man–
The words to Adam still hold good
And cannot be misunderstood.*
(*Genesis 1-29)

In your Dominion over me
Know that there is an Eye to see
The tell-tale things now hid from sight
The darkest spot shall see the light.
Oh! heed the warning–break away
From cruel custom’s baneful sway–
Remember that the hand of fate
Brings retribution soon or late.

Is cruelty only just a wrong
When suffered by the great and strong?
And is the Golden Rule confined
In practice only to mankind?
Death comes to me with terror dread–
Could you once suffer in my stead.
Then would you still, as now, remain
indifferent to all my pain?

Think not because you hear no sound
My cries no listening ear have found
Or that because you close your eyes
No ghastly scenes can then arise —
Another hand may use the knife
But tis for You I lose my life–
Craving my flesh, how can you claim
Immunity from guilt and shame?

Is there no moment when you hear
A Voice that whispers in Your ear:
“Wash and be clean– your hands are stained–
Is Paradise to be regained
By pouring fuel on the fires
Of passion and impure desires?
You were riot formed a beast of prey.
Be your true Self. Begin today.”

So in my feeble words I plead
For succor in my bitter need —
May God, the light in every man,
Reveal to you His perfect plan
To speed your lagging steps until
You long to do His holy will,
Feel pity strong within your breast,
To help the helpless and oppressed.

Man only holds his power in trust
And to be worthy must be just.
Did the Creator not intend
That you should be my guide and friend?
Awake and act Your destined part–
Obey the promptings, of your heart–
Then will you take your rightful place
As loved protector Of our race.

–A.D. MacDonald

The wheat germ contains at least three essential vitamins:

Badly needed for the health of your body to help it build resistance to infections and beneficial to the health of your eyes, skin, hair, mucous membranes, etc.

Stored as a group in large amounts in the wheat germ, some in the bran deficiencies of which help to bring about fatigue, anemia, mental symptoms, indigestion, and headaches, to name a few. Single units of the “B” group, plus the B-Complex are of significant value in treating certain heart conditions.

The lack of which may cause loss of vitality, sterility, impotence, sundry sexual disorders, and other ills.

What to substitute for the above mentioned detrimental list of deficient foods, which, in their wholesome form are so necessary for life and growth? Natural and intended for the human infant is, of course, mother’s milk, the safest and the purest because there can be no contamination from the breast to the infant, providing, of course, that these are wise mothers living on natural foods which contain all the elements necessary for the child’s welfare. If a woman is not able to nurse her child through no fault of her own, all nut milks (almond, pecan, pine nuts, etc.) and soy milks are good substitutes and very palatable.

The perfect substitutes and much more flavorful than dead refined white sugar are dates, raisins, molasses, maple syrup and honey.

Many physical ailments of the human body are the result of the consumption of foods lacking in essential food elements, such as foods injected with antibiotics, chemical food additives, poisonous sprays and so forth. These are also the contributing factors in such critical diseases as leprosy, cancer, tuberculosis, psoriasis, and many others.

Omitting deficient foods, two of which were white polished rice (substituting brown natural rice) and dried fish, plus the frequent use of Chiropractic in an African Christian Mission, enabled them to discharge 118 leprosy patients in four years, symptom free, using the same criteria for discharge as used in Carville, La.

Those who live in tropical and semi-tropical areas where all vegetation is available throughout the year, are greatly privileged. They should never partake of anything other than the products of the land and sea vegetation. Those lesser privileged people living in cold climates find it more difficult because of undergoing extremely cold temperatures and lack of vegetation. However, natural foods are available in all parts of the world.

From my own personal experience since 1922, as a Naturopathic and Chiropractic physician, and a vegetarian, I can safely state that 80% of my practice has been devoted to guiding misjudged persons who, deeply desirous of living Nature’s Way and who considered themselves to be honestly health minded but who through their consumption of animal by-products had fallen heir to the man ills these killer foods produce.

Furthermore, children that I have trained as true vegetarians from birth, either on mother’s milk or nut milks, are invariably stronger, more active, and most important, less susceptible to childhood diseases. They are more successful in repelling disease invasions than meat-eaters or lacto-ovo vegetarians.

A research conducted by Mervyn G. Harding, M.D., Professor and Chairman of the Department of Pharmacology, Loma Linda University, School of Medicine, Loma Linda, California, stated: “Among 300 meat-eaters, 300 lacto-ovo vegetarians, and some ten true vegetarians, the astonishing fact was revealed that there is little difference between flesh-eaters and lacto-ovo-vegetarians; the true vegetarians being more perfectly balanced in body content and their cholesterol content was exceptionally low.”

My advice to you who are striving to live Nature’s Way is to become true vegetarians and open the door to health and happiness. Pick the best and the freshest of the lavish supply that Nature offers you for the finest quality of man from infancy.

In my book ”Vegetarian Cookery,” I have endeavored to bring to the enlightened public menus which are free from butter, milk, egg, white sugar, and white flour, yet provide the daily routine of living with epicurean delights. If you are a new initiate to the vegetarian way of living, you will find that in acquiring the habit of eating fresh delicate foods in place of the heavy over-seasoned foods which paralyze the taste buds, you will embark on a new and delicious adventure in eating. It is better to consume as much food as possible in its natural raw state. However, it is permissible to enhance the flavor occasionally with sea salt, olive oil, yeast, soya sauce, chile peppers, or herbs and grated citrus rind.

There are three classifications for food. In the order of their importance, they are:

1. The radiant foods called the finest foods. These are the fruits and nuts which grow highest on the trees; vegetables, legumes, peas., beans, etc.) that grow above the earth, also berries and melons, etc.

2. Earthy foods full of minerals and proteins. These grow beneath the surface of the earth. They are called tubers and roots. Peanuts are also in this group.

3. Sea vegetation, including dried or powd ered kelp, dulse, Irish moss, etc.

The vegetarian pattern or Nature’s Way of living is not only the most healthful pattern, but is easier to follow, cleaner and more economical. The use of herbs, roots, barks, leaves, berries, and all edible growing plants, including sea vegetation restores and builds normal body and health; they contain the medicinal source of mineral salts, hormones, vitamins, enzymes, and all elements necessary to support life.

Cooking distorts the values and balances of organized elements in our food. They should be eaten the way Nature has prepared them, to full maturity and flavor. The best diet is one of fruits and vegetables in season and grown organically. Use fresh when they are available. Fruits enrich the blood. Make a meal of one fruit at a time and eat until you are satisfied. It may be prepared with blended nuts, raisins, dates, bananas, and sweetened if so desired with honey, molasses, or pure maple syrup.

You will find conversion to vegetarianism painless and most probably very delightful in my book, “Vegetarian Cookery.”There you will find a whole new world of cooking ideas and hints, as well as a variety of appetizing recipes. You will be delightfully surprised to find how simple and economical a vegetarian diet can be.

To those who contemplate marriage and parenthood, my book “Your Vegetarian Baby” [editor’s note: This title is not available.] will properly and easily guide you to a greater understanding of the subject. In it you will find information on moral and physical guidance in every aspect of parenthood; a complete regime from babyhood to adolescence,

Today, realize the wealth of benefits your Creator has prepared for you when you live the Genesis Way. Mothers and fathers-to-be, prepare yourselves to be the progenitors of a new race of supermen and women, free from the taint of animalism, living in the true light of brotherhood of all God’s creatures.



(Reprinted from the National Enquirer, November 12, 1967)

Flies, vermin, rodents and filth infest a vast segment of the nation’s meat processing industry today. And our meat inspection laws are riddled with loopholes.

Nine billion pounds of meat — one fourth of all commercially processed meat sold in the United States each year — is put on the market without federal inspection.

The results are sordid but inescapable: Filthy, contaminated meat products are corrupting the menus of millions of Americans.

Official government reports detail the shocking truth:

In a Texas plant: “Edible meat containers very dirty, contaminated with rust … flies swarming on carcasses … spitting on floor by employees noted … their clothing very dirty … ”

In a Maryland plant: “Employees smoking over exposed meat, observed cigarette ashes fall into meat going into grinder … cutting boards rough with splinters … tables caked with several days accumulation of meat., fat, juices … vapors coming out of sewer opening, assailing meat … flies, dirt everywhere …”

in a California plant: “Operation infested with flies, cockroaches and rodents … stench is terrible … no semblance of sanitation…”

In an Arkansas plant: “All equipment in slaughtering room covered with dried blood and manure … flies swarm on exposed meat … bugs so thick on hog dehairing machine I had to move back away from it …”

In a Colorado plant: “The man at the chopper had a cigarette in one hand and was picking his nose with the other. Without washing his hands, he handled the meat products… cooler ceilings and walls covered with dirt, blood, fat and black mold…”

In an Illinois plant: “Direct contamination of meats from rust,, dirt, flies … junk and unused equipment littered the curing and preparation rooms…”

In a Georgia plant: “When you approach the plant, the odor is almost unbearable … meat block was black-green from old blood and mold…”

In a word, the $16 billion meat packing and processing industry in the United States is laced with abuses — and even the government, under present laws, is powerless to stop it.

The Federal Meat Inspection Act — more than 60 years old now — mandates meat inspections only for interstate and foreign shipments.

Products processed and sold within a state are not subject to Federal inspection. And state inspection laws, which might plug the loophole, are at best spotty.

Nine states have no inspection laws at all, while 13 have statutes providing only for “voluntary inspections and two have laws requiring licenses for meat processors — but no inspections.

Twenty-six states have laws calling for state inspections. But, generally, state inspections are far below Federal standards. The dismal fact is that there are only 1,900 federally inspected plants in the U.S. — but almost 15,000 nonfederally inspected plants.

Thus, all over the nation, uninspected products are intermingled in retail stores with federally inspected products.

In Pennsylvania, the production of dog food for family pets is under closer inspection than meat processed ‘for human consumption, according to the Pennsylvania League for Consumer Protection.

A can of dog food purchased in Pennsylvania is labeled: “Packed under continuous inspection of U.S. Department of Agriculture.”

But Pennsylvania is one of the 13 states with laws providing for only “voluntary” inspection of meat for humans. And state inspections are not rigorous.

Even the stamp of Federal Inspection is no guarantee of pure meat today, according to Dr. James K. Payne, Assistant to the Deputy Administrator for Consumer Protection in the Agriculture Department.

In an interview, he explained: “It’s possible for federally inspected meat to reach the consumer after it has passed through plants which are neither federally nor state inspected.

“For example, a fresh ham may get a Federal stamp of approval, then be sent to a filthy, noninspected plant for curing or smoking.

“When the meat finally gets into the retail market, it may still bear the Federal stamp — but there’s no guarantee it will be pure.”

The Federal stamp, Dr. Payne noted, does not mean that an entire meat packing or processing operation was under Federal control.

So many wheeler-dealers can — and do — traffic in what is known in the trade as the 4-D animals: Dead, Dying, Disabled or Diseased.

To unscrupulous meat processors who are willing to market contaminated meats for quick profits, there are other legal loopholes.

One was noted in recent Congressional testimony by Rodney E. Leonard, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Department of Agriculture.

He said that under present meat inspection laws, “We do not even have the authority to seize or detain meat which we know is unfit and is intended for human consumption when it is outside a federally inspected plant.”

Leonard went on: “Administrators of state meat inspection programs generally admit that they have neither the money nor manpower to conduct an intensive, continuous inspection service for both slaughtering and processing operations.”

Leonard’s testimony was given before the Livestock and Grains Subcommittee of the House Agriculture Committee on June 26.

He spoke on behalf of a proposed new Federal inspection law which would:

Broaden cooperative arrangements between Federal and state inspection systems to blanket the meat processing industry for greater consumer protection.
Provide enforcement to halt the distribution of adulterated meat products.
Clarify and expand Federal authority over meat processing and set rigorous standards for meat products that are intended for human consumption.

The need for such legislation becomes obvious in even a brief examination of Agriculture Department reports on meat processing operations across the nation.

These descriptions are typical of those found each year in voluminous reports on meat processing plants not subject to Federal inspection.

The conditions are sickening. But the results of the conditions can mean sickness, even death, for the unsuspecting consumer.

The most common disease transmitted by contaminated meat and poultry is salmoneliosis. Last year, there were 20,000 cases reported to the Public Health Service. And according to the PHS, that is only a fraction of all cases which occurred, but went unreported. Salmonelliosis can inflict mild intestinal upsets — or it can cause severe gastroenteritis, which may be fatal to infants, the elderly or those already weakened by other sickness. A number of other diseases, such as staphylococcal and clostridal food poisoning, also may be spread by contaminated meats.

Contrary to the claims of executives in the meat processing industry, today’s homemaker cannot automatically assume that meat products are pure just because they reach the grocer’s shelf –even with proper inspection stamps.

In the recent Congressional hearings, Alec P. Davies, Vice President of the American Meat Institute — the largest U. S. trade association in the meat industry — questioned the value of the proposed inspection laws. He said: “We wonder whether this proposed legislation is necessary, whether it will be useful and whether the likely financial burden will produce commensurate benefits. We are extremely doubtful.”

Legislative sponsors, however, say the new laws would add nothing to the price of meats in grocery stores, since the program would be financed by federally appropriated funds.

And the government officials say the usefulness of the tighter inspection laws is beyond question.

They say the confidence of the American consumer is at stake.

Not to mention the inspection of the dairy, poultry and fish products.

– – – – – – – – – – – –


Along with the proper selection and amount of natural food for man, (fruit, vegetables, nuts, tubers, etc.) in connection with man’s health, we must strongly consider the “Sex Question”, which deals with “Regeneration,” the Law of Life.

It is extremely important to understand that the seed of man (the Word of God), “sex fluids” is made up of the quintessence of arterial blood from the food we eat, the liquids we drink, the habits we entertain and the desires we indulge in.

Ninety percent of sex energy is used to maintain body health; 10% is stored for use in reproduction, in case of emergency, and in building up physical, mental and spiritual power. This substance, when properly controlled and directed and not wasted for pleasure, goes back to the brain. It is known as Solar Force, Fountain of Youth, God Power, etc., and could bring about infinite energy, ingenuity, longevity, strength, intuition, healing power, etc., abolishing all manner of narcotics, drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other stimulants. This force has the power to lift man to the heights of his desires, but the wilful waste of this substance, “seed,” has brought about all the diseases and troubles of the world; poverty, pain, unhappiness, sorrow, grief, premature death, etc. It reduces man to the most degenerate creature, as it depletes the brain power to the lowest forms of insanity, causing all manner of atrocious, blood-thirsty crimes, including wars. Selfishness and materialism are the result of violating natural Law.

There is a tremendous amount to be written about this mighty subject, but space does not permit it. It is the greatest truth ever told, and when followed will abolish all religious beliefs, for it will make man his own Savior, as it takes him back to the original Laws of his Creator, God.

The great Master said, “The last commandment I have given unto you is that you should love one another, (not LUST), “for love is the fulfillment of the Law.”

“He that is plentifully supplied from within, needs little from without.”

“Great is he that controls his body; Greater is he that controls his mind; But greatest of all is he that controls his heart.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Shred raw unpeeled potatoes very fine. Combine with either of the following vegetables: parsley, bell peppers, pimento, onion, chili pepper, raw or canned. Salt to taste. Drop 1 tablespoon of mixture at a time in a pan of hot oil. Brown on both sides and serve hot.

This recipe is wholesome, nourishing and delicious, similar to the one of the more than 400 tested recipes found in the “VEGETARIAN COOKERY” cookbook by Dr. Rotondi. Price $5.00 plus tax. [Offered FREE Here.]

The “VEGETARIAN BABY” is a book especially prepared for parenthood with baby care from preconception period to adolescence. Price $3.00 plus tax. [Ed’s note: This book is no longer available.]

“HEALTH & ENERGY THROUGH NATURAL NUTRITION” is a brief introduction to a healthy way of living. Price $1.00 plus tax. [Ed’s note: This book is no longer available.]

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Peace On Earth!

When man adopts the Humane Diet — his Natural Food, then would cease his continual ruthless war upon the animal creation and we would then deserve Peace in our time.

“I for my part, wonder of what sort of feeling, mind, or reason that man was possessed who was first to pollute his mouth with gore, and to allow his lips to touch the flesh of a murdered being; who spread his table with the mangled forms of dead bodies, and claimed as daily food and dainty dishes what but now were beings endowed with movement, with perception, and with voice.” — Plutarch.

Many of the world’s greatest intellectual and moral teachers adopted and advocated the humane diet, including Celsus, Buddha, Plato, Pythagoras, Plutarch, Plotinus, Ovid, Porphyry, Milton, Montaigne, Voltaire, Newton, Schopenhauer, Lamartine, Michelet, Thoreau, Blake, Wesley, Swedenborg, Booth, Tolstoy.

The Humane Diet — containing the life-giving properties of the sun and the earth — fruits, nuts, vegetables and cereals, are provided for man in abundance. It man would adopt the Humane Diet many of our serious perplexities would vanish, and a healthier, happier, and more peace-loving race would arise.

“New occasions teach new duties.
Times makes ancient good uncouth;
Who would keep abreast of Truth.

They must upward still and onward.
Nor attmep the Future’s portal
With the Past’s Blood-rusted Key.”

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