Your Vegetarian Baby cover
Your Vegetarian Baby, Jan. 1953

Its care and development

A Guide to Infant and Adolescent Care & Development Without Any Animal Products

Dr. Pietro Rotondi, D.C., N.D.

[The Dr. Pietro Rotondi Foundation does not necessarily endorse all of the views presented here as written by Dr. Rotondi in 1953, in particular, those regarding vaccinations in the PRE-SCHOOL CHILD TRAINING section. We strongly urge parents to consult a professional nutritionist and/or other sources when considering any diet for your children.]


The Author wishes to gratefully acknowledge the assistance of those who have so graciously given of their time and effort in the preparation of this volume.

FOREWORD There have been hundreds of requests for printed copies of lectures given the various health classes by the Author, especially those regarding the rearing of children the Vegetarian Way. This series of lectures designed for vegetarian parenthood is presented for the benefit of the enlightened parents of today, who may desire to ‘rear their offspring according to the rules of natural diet.

It is hoped that the repetition of certain facts noted in each chapter will serve to emphasize the truth in its consummate importance.

May you find within these brief pages the nucleus of inspiration which will enable you to accept the challenge of an unhealthy world, chained to the ageold fallacies of the necessity of flesh-eating, consumption of animal products, and use of deadly vaccines (as now created) to insure adequate diet and health; and to prove by your fearless demonstration, the truth of living the Genesis-way, the health way wherein lies greater strength, and the ultimate of self-knowledge- the mastery of self.

It is the purpose of the writer to serve mankind by pointing the way to the happiness within each, which will bring a greater understanding, and the long awaited era of the true brotherhood of mankind.

Dr. Pietro Rotondi, D.C., N.D., Ph.C. Hollywood, California January 1, 1953


RAISIN AND NUT CAKE 3 cups wholewheat flour 1 cup soy bean milk powder or 1 more cup whole wheat flour 4 cups raw sugar 1 cup raisins 1 cup shredded walnuts 2cups water Grated rind of 1 large orange and 1 lemon 3/4 cup vegetable oil 4 rounded ts. baking powder (2 parts cream of tartar, 1 part bi-carbo of soda) mix well 1 ts. nutmeg 1 ts. cinnamon 1 ts. salt 2 T vanilla extract

Mix well together all dry ingredients. Add oil, water, and vanilla. Mix thoroughly. Place in well- oiled and floured bread pari. Start baking in hot oven (400 degrees F.) Bake until raised. Reduce to 250 degrees F. Bake two hours or until done. Remove from tin and allow to cool.

“MEATLESS” MEAT LOAF 2 C. Cooked red beans (or nuts) 2 C. Wholewheat bread crumbs 1 Green pepper (chop fine) 1 t. Minced parsley 1 C. Almonds (chopped fine) 2 t. vegetable oil 2 T. Onion (finely chopped) Season to taste. Mix Ingredients thoroughly. Shape into a loaf. Bake 30 minutes in moderate oven. Serve with tomato sauce.


These recipes are wholesome, nourishing, and delicious, similar to the two of more than 400 tested recipes found in the VEGETARIAN COOKERY cookbook by Dr. Rotondi.






MARRIAGE as an institution is one of the most fundamental and significant phases of human life. Parenthood is the crowning reward of marriage. Parents-to-be must first understand themselves as fully as possible-mentally, physically and emotionally before assuming the trials, tribulations, and the ultimate triumph of parenthood.

Before man can manifest creation on his plane, he must first recede into the realms of the spiritual, and extract from its core the kernel of natural expression of his better self.

As the Supreme Being was moved to express the best in Himself by creating a reflection of His own image, so man is drawn to manifest all that is good in himself by reproducing his own kind. The duplication of mankind is nothing more than an extended surge of his Creator, the indwelling spirit, to seek expression.

The child to come must first be conceived in the mind. Conception formulates in the compatible meeting of two souls in marriage which transmits itself and is motivated on the physical plane. Man is a three-fold being-spirit, mind, and body, following the oft repeated trinity of nature. The body is merely the garment of matter which clothes a spiritual being. Mind alone cannot express itself. Unless the three are linked there is no union, and such a person has not the stability to become a good parent. Please understand then that this three-fold progression of spirit, mind, and body is primarily not a biological function, but a definite urge of one soul to another, two coming to one, formulating one for the production of the other. It is imperative to plant at the right time, under favorable spiritual, mental, and physical conditions, with a thorough understanding and discrimination. Such a psychological moment is the determining factor in the quality of fruit produced. That which is manifested “out of time”, reaps the undesirable. Nature’s law is immutable in this respect.

Where there is rapport in the trinity of soul, mind, and body between man and wife, the union is divinely ordered, and marriage is a successful completion of each ego. Such is the marriage where each is the complement of the other, where emotional stability, complete cooperation, and a true state of happiness exists. This is the marriage of souls which culminates in happy families; where children are desired and accepted, and h.omelife functions in an orderly and desirable fashion. Upon such marriage as this, the premise of our social order is based.

Realizing the importance of spiritual at-one-ment, we tum now to the mental and physical aspects. Parents should know something about the structure and functioning of their physical bodies, their composition -how they operate as entities, and above all how they should be fed and respected. It is only through possession of a clean, healthy body, and informed mind that parents may hope to pass on to their children the heritage which should be rightfully bestowed through physical fitness.

To be physically fit, the body must be thoroughly cleansed and fed upon the freshest and finest materials obtainable. A sound knowledge of food, what it does, how it acts, and what it contributes is one of the fundamental bases of health and happiness, and vitally necessary if one would endow children with a sound beginning in life.


According to natural law man originally lived on nuts, fruits, tubers and grains. Modem man has become a flesh-eating being, a change which has resulted in disease, premature old age, and painful death.

MAN WAS NEVER INTENDED TO BE CARNIVOROUS. It is possible that the eating of meat came as a necessity after the glacial period, during which time there was no food to be found other than animals. As the human race grew accustomed to the flesh diet, they craved it.

The long intestinal tract, teeth and digestive juice of man indicate that he was not meant to be carnivorous. The digestion of meat requires a great deal of hydrochloric acid, which, if not supplied will cause great trouble. Carnivora are furnished with short intestines and hydrocholoric acid in concentrated form. Were man intended to be a flesh eater, he would have been supplied with sufficient acids to digest bone as well as meat. In order to receive sufficient nutrition from meat, one must eat the blood and bones as well as the flesh.

Many people are under the false impression that it is necessary to consume dead flesh to sustain life. Meat is not a natural food, instead it is merely a decaying carcass the digestion of which intoxicates the organism of its consumer.

The action of meat products including fish, fowl and eggs upon adults, and especially children, is very definite. It produces a false stimulation mistaken for health and strength,-thus it lays a foundation for many diseases. Flesh foods decompose with great rapidity, producing intestinal parasites, uncontrollable passions, and vicious habits. The flesh and blood of any animal decays rapidly, forming ptomaines known to destroy rather than to give life. Fish also putrefies immediately, forming vicious poisons as it disintegrates. In fact, many lepers are found in countries where people live mainly on fish.

In order that man may purify his system, he must eliminate all flesh as a food. Meat has a certain element of food value, that is true, but in it is the element of death. The dead animal having accumulated poisons which are absorbed with the good, makes it obvious that the putrefactive bacteria, pus, urea, ptomaine, cadaverin (one of the deadliest of known poisons found only in dead bodies), plus the horrible poisons of fear produced in the animal during its agony of struggle in the process of slaughter, far outweigh the nutritional value of its flesh. The human body, having its own wastes to eliminate, finds it utterly impossible to counteract these additional poisons. CONSCIENTIOUSLY FACE THESE FACTS AND YOU WILL FIND NO CONTROVERSY AS TO THE PLACE OF MEAT IN YOUR DIET.

None of the above undesirable by-products will be found in the vegetable kingdom. Man requires a certain amount of protein to rebuild worn-out tissues. Will you take into your system all the deadly poisons found in animal protein? The alternative is to supply your needs with adequate vegetable proteins that are clean and free from poisons.

Stop being a vampire! You are unless you stop eating flesh and drinking blood. In fact, vampires are better than humans in that they live on the blood of the living whose chemistry has not been distorted through slaughter. Even the carnivorous animal eats his prey while it is still warm; only man has to cook his food.

Meats that are sold for food have usually been kept in storage for many months before they reach the public; often they are so rottenly tender that they melt in the mouth. Dare you think what it is, where it came from, and what it went through before it reached you? If you dare, your eyes will open, your stomach will revolt, and you will become horrified at the disguised corpse you see before you as a substitute for food. Then if you still have the courage to make a GRAVEYARD OF YOUR OWN BODY, more power to you!

The vegetable kingdom contains all the essential elements necessary to maintain human health without the undesirable by-products of flesh, giving you a less expensive, more healthful, and bloodless menu. Nature grows for us fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and herbs which naturally supply the body with all the elements it needs. Such foods neutralize all poisons, normally keep the blood at a natural temperature, and an active eliminating system in perfect condition, laying the foundation for a true manhood and womanhood, equipped with sound minds and bodies.

How shall life-long habits be broken? The best way is through substitution. You will find the best form of protein in legumes, nuts and cereals. The soy bean is the most easily digested form of protein, the body having the ability to store three times more taken from the soy bean than from animal protein, and at much lesser expense.

It is just as easy to form one habit as another. If you have a desire for something sweet and have been conditioned to eating white sugar, you will naturally use it to satisfy your craving. But when you know that white sugar, having been devitalized and demineralized, is not wholesome, that it leeches calcium from the system and thus causes tooth decay and calcium deficiency diseases, you will substitute raw sugar, honey, dates, or some other natural sweet. Such sweets supply the body with minerals, heat and energy, and are harmless.

In the vegetable and fruit kingdom we find the essential vitamins and minerals to support life. These foods develop the mind, and once a clean mind is together with a clean body, man will express things of the spirit that will be fine and elevating. Usually anything that sustains life is called a food. There are some things that seem to sustain life, however, which have no true food value. Coffee, for instance, adds nothing to life; it is merely a stimulant. Seek to know the difference between foods and stimulants, between good foods, and bad foods. Until man learns to live on fruits, tubers, vegetables, nuts, and berries, he will never learn to conserve his vital forces and retain his youth. In the writer’s book, “VEGETARIAN COOKERY” will be found appetizing recipes, together with charts of food chemistry for balanced menus to enhance every occasion, and guide the homemaker.

Candy, pastry and other unnatural foods must also be avoided. They ferment and prevent the poisonneutralizing elements in the body from doing their work. Consequently we find such conditions as to?thdecay, eye troubles, enlarged tonsils, cancers, tumors, tuberculosis, and social diseases.

Eggs are not good food for they putrefy very readily, and are a too heavily concentrated protein. They are powerful stimulants and overdevelop the animal nature which must be controlled.

Milk and cottage cheese are undesirable as they are mucus-forming products, unnatural for human consumption. Milk from animals was intended for their young, not for the human child. It is regretable that mothers have been counselled to tum their babies over to a lower animal for nutrition. If our mothers will take lessons from these lesser animals, they will choose, and be able to nourish their own young. Cow’s milk is, at least, free from the taints of nicotine and liquor. Animals also eat a great many different herbs which contain calcium, and other equally essential elements. But the human mother who pays no attention to a natural diet cannot nourish her children when she has not partaken of enough nourishing food to support her own body.

It is not essential to drink milk in order to obtain calcium; substantial amounts of all natural foods contain this mineral in sufficiency. Globules of cow’s milk are so constructed as to build large bony structures, while lacking a great deal of brain building material. Therefore we argue that animal milk is NOT a good substitute for human milk. On the other hand, infants can be throughly nourished on vegetable foods and milks such as soy-bean milk, nut milks, honey and vegetable juices, as well as a great many other foods found in the vegetable kingdom.

FOOD CAN BE A POISON AS WELL AS A FOOD. If the mind is in a state of chaos, food becomes a poison, fermenting and producing alcohol. Always remember -your body must be in a poised and restful state when you eat; othenvise it loses the power to break down the food and tum it into blood. The secret of longevity is: LESS FOOD, MORE MASTICATION, PERFECT ELIMINATION, NO WORRY OR UNDESIRABLE EMOTIONS. I SAY THAT UNLESS YOU LEARN HOW TO FEED YOUR BODY, ELIMINATE POISONS, AND CONTROL YOUR MIND, YOU WILL MAKE LITTLE PROGRESS TOWARD THE GOAL OF GOOD HEALTH.

When you re-establish a taste for natural food, you must then learn to control other habits. The Scripture states, “Man cannot live by bread alone”. Oftentimes the habits mankind entertains are much worse than the food partaken. Smoking and drinking are great curses to humanity, but man has been a slave to them for thousands of years, spending much of his time extracting their deadly poisons, and adding them to his own body. Imagine the enormous amounts of money wasted in advertising this enemy which destroys the best faculties in men, women, and children. Imagine the enormous amount of good which could come to mankind were these amounts spent in teaching the truth, and the natural way of life. Rarely are any efforts taken to put a stop to this hellish way of destroying body and brain.

Smoking is a filthy and offensive habit. Every individual who has the stain of nicotine in his system is going through a process of degeneration. PhysiologicaIly speaking, tobacco is a depressant, a nauseant, and a powerful irritant to the nervous system. It paralyzes the motor nerves of the body, tends to depress the heart, lowers arterial tension, reduces body temperature, and causes profuse sweating. It may also cause a cold clammy skin, even collapse and death, usually by paralysis of respiration, from a toxic dose, occasionally by paralysis of the heart. Fatal results have been known to follow upon the inhalation of its vapor into the lungs.

Nicotine is almost as rapidly fatal as prussic acid, death having occurred from a toxic dose in three minutes with no symptoms except a fixed stare, and a deep sigh. Continued use of tobacco, either smoking or chewing, produces granular inflammation of the mucus membranes, atrophy of the retina, dyspepsia, lowered sexual power, nervous depression, angina pectoris, and many other forms of disease. Used by the young, it hinders development of higher nerve centers and impairs the body nutrition by interfering with processes of digestion and assimilation. Particularly to women it is harmful, drying up the glandular system, causing them to become barren, and interfering with youth, beauty, endurance and strength.

Liquor is a burning fire, being the resuft of fermentation. When taken into the system, it eventually burns up the life forces. Alcohol is a violent, deadly poison; no bacterial life will live in it. It is something man harnessed after Nature placed her stamp of disapproval upon it. Man drinks to forget his troubles.

The escape thus produced is of short duration. Each must learn to face his own problem. Attack it without fear and it will become solved. This, too, is the law. After all it is the troubles of life that make us grow. Why should we try to escape growth? This knowledge will inspire man to try and concentrate life forces, and operate them for the benefit of himself and everyone concerned, rather than to dissipate his present very existence. Having a true understanding of the joy of living, we will want to be conscious of every moment, miss nothing, and live to the fuIlest extent.

Alcohol is a cerebral excitant, a depressant, and a narcotic poison. It is anaesthetic, antiseptic, and coagulates albumen by extracting its water. Continued use of smaIl doses congests the stomach and liver, overstimulating gastric glands to cause gastric catarrh and impairing digestion. It causes hardening of the liver, produces degeneration of the blood, depresses the heart and produces epilepsy, paralysis and insanity. In large doses, it precipitates pepsin and destroys the activity of pepsin as a fennent, thus arresting digestion. While producing exhilaration, it likewise reduces body temperature, abolishes reflexes and causes coma. It produces insensibility, stertorous breathing, dilated or contracted pupils, complete muscular resolution, and in the end, death by paralysis of the heart and respiration.

As has been stated, the best way to rid oneself of a bad habit is by substituting another good habit in its place. It is possible through education to do away with many of the destructive habits of mankind. Often the ability to visualize what things do to the body makes a vivid impression upon the mind. Place a lamb chop in front of a child–he will eat it. But show him a picture of the lamb chop from its beginning as an innocent baby lamb led to slaughter–he will have no desire to eat it after he has seen the process of murder.

Desire for flesh, drink and tobacco must be controlled in order to develop tastes for finer things. Give up one destructive habit, and you will be able to give up all destructive habits.

Realize the joy or rejuvenation by scientific feeding, proper elimination, and natural rebuilding of bodily functions. Then realize the vital forces that cannot be conserved if they are misused.

As one becomes clean in body, he is happier and morally finer. This frees the mind to concentrate on the worthwhile ambitions desirable for secure family life.


Emotional control is likewise essential to successful parenthood. Before assuming this responsibility it must be fully understood that marriage is a partnership that enables a man and woman to make real progress in the world of today. Both have decided and distinct gifts to contribute to family life and society.

Patterns of family life, and division of parental duties have become confused due to changing economic levels, living standards, damaging effects of useless wars, and the tragedy of divorce. Women have been thrown into the calculated competition of the business world – men relegated to the role of homemakers to such a degree that we aTe in danger of breeding a race of frustrated neurotics. This does not mean that some women may not have an exceptional flair for competition and intrigue, nor that some men may not have excellent taste in home decoration or cooking. It does indicate that in this changing world it has become imperative for mothers and fathers-to-be to evaluate their feminine and masculine qualities and qualifications so that they may assume their rightful roles as the Creator intended. Together, with each contributing the faculties endowed by Nature in the individual’s proper sphere, whether a specialized or shared ability, they may then build a satisfactory family unit of society.

Marriage is the partnership that enables a man and woman to progress successfully in the world of today. The vast difference in the respective egos of man and his mate must be understood and accepted. Men are deliberative; women secretive. A woman will repress her emotions rather than give herself to a man she does not love. Animalistic man is, on the other hand, really polygamous by nature-a hunter looking for new fields – the woman, his playmate. This is a fact both men and women must understand. Most men accept monogamy only when they find the woman who completely satisfies them mentally and physically. This fact should also be throughly recognized before a man accepts the restrictive responsibility of parenthood.

Much unhappiness, which usually ends in a broken home-the tragic blight on the lives of children of divorce, could be avoided if a father knows the diffcrence between love and lust. Love is life; it is lasting; lust is death, it dies rapidly and in anguish. To really 100’e and cherish somcthing is to wish to maintain its freshness and retain its beauty as long as possible. It must be guarded with love and care. The only way many men show their love is through the¬? medium of physical intercourse, which in reality is not the essence of true love. Frankly, in his egotism, man has not sought to know the perfect and sincere way to love the woman of his choice. How then, can he expect to become a respected and understanding father?

Copulation to realize conception should only take place after a complete cleansing regime has been carried out by himself, and with the full consent and desire of the prospective mother in the proper season.

During the double process of gestation when woman produces the child, and lactation, when she nourishes the child, man can also conceive and give birth to the children of his mind through the inspiration of his love by exercising the media of arts, crafts, inventions, and other fields of endeavor which may be selected. Power of mind and proper intake of food, registers control of emotions. It is wise to eliminate all stimulants and partake of a protein minimum. Excess energy may be expended in other directions- working, exercising, hiking, and thinking.

Do lavish affection on the mother-to-be in order that she may know that sense of well-being and security which will assure the well being of the baby.

All manifestation of Life Force is just one substance. It can be used in the highest realms of existence or in the contrasting depths, as Dante, whose insatiable desire for Beatrice transmuted itself into the eternal masterpiece of the “INFERNO.”


Each individual has his own specific chemical background, tuned to its individual vibration of active and emotional function. Consequently each must have his own pattern of orientation in the art of conception. It is easy for man to have erroneous perceptions of his own emotions, therefore it is advisable to seek advice from his personal physician to aid him in preventing certain misunderstandings, and to reveal the proper emotion.

Woman is in tune at certain times–Man at any time. The conceiver must be in a proper physical and mental state of conception. Woman should never be approached at the wrong time. A higher standard of evolution is more definitely insured if one awaits woman’s intuition and never disturbs her emotional equalibrium. This basic factor alone has the po\ver to either cement or dissolve a union.

It is an established fact that one of the leading undercurrents of divorce is simply lack of understanding. Once woman conceives, the doors of her sanctuary are locked. After conception it is a medically established fact, there should be no entrance thereafter. Those of you who approach life with an open mind, and an open heart will readily acknowldge the deep importance of this unwritten law of Nature. Even the lower animal kingdom recognizes the wisdom of this decree and hwnbly refrains from disturbing the embryonic background. These are the things that influence a good race for the future. What woman would not gladly relinquish her customary likes and dislikes during the building of a new life? What woman is there who cannot help but feel the current of Power automatically vested in her to shape a future destiny?


We recognize certain elements by their contrasts. Nothing is complete in itself, and the missing counterpart that unifies the perfect whole is invariably locked in the bold extreme or direct opposite of the original form. There is something fascinating in tracing the pattern of chemical distribution of the Universe in foods. This miraculous duplication of the Omnipotent in all things carries with it a sense of mystery.

In definition, let us trace the Kingdoms of nutrition. There are significantly, three divisions of growth -the high, which consists of all things that grow on trees, such as fruits, nuts, avocadoes; the intermediate, or that which grows close to, yet above the ground, the green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, legumes, certain berries, grapes and herbs; and the subterranean realm which includes all that grows hidden or secret in the earth-roots and tubers of all kinds. It is of interest to note that the first group, being closer to the heavenly bodies, and to their Creator, have a higher rate of vibration which is conducive toward conception of a finer development. Fruits are often referred to as man’s spiritual food, and in addition, the corresponding products of the first kingdom are well known to both accelerate and exhilerate the mind. The sister kingdoms produce heavier chemicalized foods whose vibrations are lower-less sensitized in their respective chronological order of growth. These forms of nutrition are just as important for they achieve the immediate needs of the physical development. However, it is by combining all three planes that the correlation of basic chemicals manifests itself for our absorption.

The primary concern in food is chlorophyl, an indispensible agent of life. Not only is it nutritive, healing and eliminative, but it strengthens, builds and prevents invasions of all kinds. The greater percentage of this powerful green substance exists in outer leaves or coverings of all vegetation. A splendid source is found in alfalfa, watercress, parsley, mint, mustard greens, clover, green grass, young tender shoots of wild oats, wheat, and in the leaves of edible fruit-bearing trees. It is also prevalent in the very fibrous structure of the outer leaves of cabbage, celery, endive, chickory, and similar vegetables.

How can we best take care of fibrous foods? Extract the juice with a grinder, dilute one-third to twothirds and squeeze through a cloth. Then sweeten with honey or blend with more palatable greens. This palatability is essential because it creates salivatory stimulus and increases the production of gastric juices. Each type of taste has a quality; the sour, acrid, bitter and sweet, each serves as an integrant in building the body temple.

A great many foods harboring these flavors need combining. The dandelion, a wonderful alterative, leads as one of the world’s most potent and easily obtainable simples. Its symbol is bitterness, a quality that reaps great reward for its beneficial action upon the liver, blood, kidneys, digestion and intestinal tract. Both chemical and chlorophyl properties of this much abused and ignored “weed” are incomparable. It can be combined favorably with sweet anise, carrot, beet, and any other sweet vegetable. A good example of the acrid variety is the unflattering onion, gateway to life and health, boasting an abundance of sulphur, highly antiseptic, it cleanses the body of phleghm, destroys bacteria, and activates the liver.

The same classification and properties apply to garlic, leek, and all other foods such as cabbage, radishes, kholrabi, and similar members of the group. The former, however, is the most powerful of all, and is the monarch of antiseptics in complete defiance of its undesirable aroma. In conjunction with natural medical care, the new mother should eat an abundance of fresh raw fruits and vegetables, a generous supply of chlorophyl foods daily, olive oil, whole grains and all vegetable proteins (nuts, avocadoes, soy beans, soy bean milk).

THE IDEAL DAILY FOOD DISTRIBUTION MORNING: Fruit or fruit mixed with nuts (shredded or liquefied) including almonds (raw), walnuts (English & blaok), pecans, pine nuts, Brazils and peanuts. NOON: Vegetables or Fruit or combination of either Vegetables or Fruit with avocadoes, salads, green juices, (celery, spinach, parsley, etc.). NIGHT: Roots or Protein with sufficient Chlorophyl foods to balance protein.

Honorable mention goes to the grape-nourisher, eliminator of by-products, blood builder, glandular activator; and to the raw peanut, which is not really a nut but a legume, whose nutritional value for proteins, fat, and mineral matter is unbounded.

For added calcium, the foundation of all bodies, drink red clover or alfalfa-mint tea. These may be purchased, packaged and ready for use, at any health food store or some food markets. Camomile tea with its healing and depurient properties, sassafras tea, blood purifier, make pleasant substitutions for liquid nourishment.

Spurn coffee, tea, chocolate, all false stimulants, which overactivate to the point of exhaustion, and therefore tear down rather than build. They contain unhealthy alkaloids, deadly caffein and tannic acid.

Avoid all uses of flesh as a food. By flesh: animals, including sheep, cows, steers, swine, horse, deer, fowl, chicken, turkey, pheasant, duck, goose, partridge, pigeon, rodent, rabbit, and fish, all varieties including shell, eels, are indicated.

Flesh or so-called meat also acts as a stimulant, is a breeder of physical exhaustion, and as an added danger is an irritant, endangering heart, blood vessels and the entire nervous system.

Meat is unsafe–particularly so during pregnancy because of an increasing amount of diseases in all forms, animal, fish or fowl, whose potentially dangerous putrefactive organisms are multiplied alarmingly in “ripened” flesh. Not only does the pregnant mother suffer from the undue exhaustion flesh-eating causes, she also opens her body to the entrance of putrefactive organisms which lower her vital resistance, increasing susceptibility to infections. To assimilate such heavy food requires greater intensity of function, taxing the body to an even greater degree to overcome body toxins of the flesh consumed. Fish decomposes with even greater rapidity than animal flesh.

Therefore, with the proteins found in meats, and so highly recommended by most physicians and dieticians, also come the ills of putrefaction subtly concealed in the benefits until the ill becomes greater than the good derived if we face the true facts. Heavy consumption of meat causes the person to assume the animalistic tendencies of the flesh consumed. The body becomes weighted with added toxins, the mind imbued with bestiality instead of the clarity of vision. the alertness of mind and senses with the added impetus to the sixth sense, possible when these classes of food. are eliminated. How important for the Mother-to-be to realize and accept these truths may be detennined by the actual experience of vegetarian mothers.

Cow’s milk is not necessary for the health of pregnant women. In the first place the globular construction of cow’s milk is larger than globules of human milk. This is necessary in order that the calf may grow to its fullest nonnal raw-boned degree. As such, it is naturally not of the type most preferable for human infants’ growth.

Milk is highly susceptible to bacterial invasion. When exposed to air, it immediately attracts genns and proves a fertile field for their propagation. To combat this tendency, milk must be pasteurized, destroying in a measure its live freshness and food value. Eggs, while high in protein values, again are products of lower evolution as well as often being diseased and wormy. They have a tendency to react in an unfavorable manner on the liver in their highly concentrated matter.

On the other hand, Soya milk, coconut milk and almond milk, together with the rich proteins found in nuts, cereals, and certain vegetables, contain all the minerals so necessary to life in the fullest degree. Vitamins are lush in fresh fruits and vegetables, and minerals replete in life-giving qualities are plentiful in sea kelp (use with lettuce and romaine with french dressing consisting of olive oil and lemon or lime).

Mothers-to-be should seek the strength and goodness provided by Nature so bountifully in fresh raw vegetables, fruits, and nuts to bring only the purest, safest, and most perfect materials to her unborn child through herself in her body chemistry.


Woman, lest she mar the reflection of the image within, must be in a pleasant environment conducive to beauty, peace, intelligence-a state of happiness at all times.

A mother’s determination is imperative to eliminate fear, aggravation, anger, and all other negative thoughts in order to avoid possible injury to the developing embryo.

Live normally and naturally. Go about the regular routine of living; but be moderate. Caution: Do not unduly stretch, pull, lift or strain. Indulge in mild daily exercise, principally walking. Walking about in the garden barefooted brings a delightful sensation of oneness with the earth, mother of her living creatures, invigorates the body and nervous system. It grounds the body with the earth and relieves tensions.

Swishing the feet in cold water is another helpful method of assisting nature in reducing tensions, cleansing the body of poisons by accelerating circulation.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. There are many attractive maternity styles and garments designed to compensate growth of abdomen. Avoid tight garters or ordinary girdles which may interfere with proper circulation. Low-heeled shoes facilitate motion, and distribute weight equally on all sections of the foot as Nature intended.

Nausea can be largely eliminated by the lessening of food in conjunction with a greater intake of lemon and water. Red raspberry tea, acclaimed the miracle leaf tea for pregnancy, should be used liberally, because it has the power to arrest nausea, reduce labor pains and ease the delivery. Steep fresh raspberry leaves in season, and procure dried leaves if out of season (making certain leaves are of immediate past season’s harvest).

Unsuspected powers are buried in every woman, and when she turns to Nature and lives accordingly, these powers, from the same source as her intuition are intensified and make of her a dynamic woman, and especially so during a happy pregnancy. These natural laws, if faithfully practiced, will insure a natural birth with a minimum of pain.

There is no objection to enhancing one’s natural loveliness from an external standpoint, once it is realized that true beauty comes from within. Cleanliness is of course the first law. When we think of it, we naturally think of soap and water. However, soap made from animal fat should be avoided. It has gone through the process of disintegration, and contains quantities of pus; in fact, potash has bcen added to keep it from rotting. A soap made of pure vegctable oil, such as castile, is the best type to use.

Cleansing cream does not take the place of soap and water, for cream removes only superficial fats or grease, and in reality clogs the pores. Pores on the hands do not become enlarged as do the facial pores, because the hands are always cleansed with soap and water, not cream. In bathing, Epsom salts, which penetrates deep into the tissues bringing out the dirt and thoroughly cleansing the pores, is much more effective than soap. Epsom salts also removes internal congestion by relieving superficial congestions. For bathing, use two pounds of U.S.P. Epsom salts in a tub of water, relaxing from fifteen to thirty minutes daily according to personal routine or time schedule. DO NOT use Epsom salts and soap at the same time as they do not blend.

Oil of sweet almond or olive oil applied at night and washed off the face in the morning is the most satisfactory treatment for excessively dry skin. Alternate hot and cold packs are fine for building and stimulating facial contour. If the skin is inclined to be oily, applications of witch hazel, lemon juice, or grapefruit juice are very beneficial. Cucumber cream is an ideal cleanser, healer and beautifier.

Stimulation plays an important role in the care of the hair and scalp. Brushmg, pulling, and manipulating the scalp will in time give your hair a flattering sheen, and make it vibrant with life. If the hair and scalp are inclined to be dry, use a good oil, such as vegetable oil, olive oil or cocoa butter. Dry scalp is caused many times by too frequent shampooing with harsh soaps, detergents or constant use of hair dryers. Long hair is beautiful whether straight or curly, and is woman’s badge of femininity.

Beautifully manicured nails, polished but not painted, also add to the pregnant woman’s feeling of good grooming so important at this time.

The feminine side of Nature, representing the Mother of all, must conceive, give birth to, and train her young to live according to Nature’s finest laws. A Mother’s love is deeper and more unselfish, all her senses are much keener to understand Nature’s ways; her intuition is more greatly developed.

Women and Mothers of today have the power to save mankind from further trouble, future wars, pestilence and disease, and to redeem man to his rightful place on earth, especially in relation to his Maker. The Mother-to-be should at all times remember her high calling fearlessly, and with great joy await her time of fulfillment.


The baby blessed with a simple layette is the happiest and healthiest. It will give the child greater comfort, and allows the mother more leisure to devote to her infant, and her other duties. A suggested layette would contain:
Two belly bands, torn or cut, but not hemmed.
Two dozen diapers, preferably birdseye, soft cotton flannel, or the modern disposals.
Four cotton flannel nightgowns.
Four shirts, tie-ons are easiest to handle· and most comfortable.
Two woolen sweaters.
Two cotton sweaters and cotton bonnets.
Two pair cotton socks (worn only during coldest weather).
Two pair cotton booties.
The baby should not be allowed to wear shoes, but should be allowed free movements at all times.

We are victims of social habits, and are more or less doomed to comply with societies requirements.

We find the soles of the feet to be one of natures greatest eliminators of body poisons. Man is a motivated animal not stationary as are trees and so receives the magnetism of the earth automatically. Therefore it is necessary to walk barefooted on the earth, sand, or green grass as much as possible to lay the basis for a healthy mind and sound body. Mother Earth is the physical source of man’s body; so rather than being insulated from, we should be grounded to her life-giving resources.

The heat of too-warm foot coverings, besides hindering elimination of poisons, reacts to the opposite pole in the brain centers and upsets the emotional poise of a person. In other words, the static of man’s body is withdrawn to the earth, and in turn, his body is charged with magnetism from the earth.

The sanest type of foot covering for babies is loose cotton booties, no leather or wool, the latter being too warm. As the child commences to walk, sandals are the choice, so that the foot may have full motion, be planted firmly, thus strengthening the foot and ankle in a normal fashion while correct posture is maintained.

All clothing should be designed short for freedom of motion and comfort, to allow free action of legs and feet. Cotton and cotton flannel are preferable in fabrics as they are porous. Wool is too warm and confining.

If disposal diapers are not used, soiled garments should be boiled and cleansed without the use of harsh soaps or detergents after each wearing. This will protect baby’s tender skin so that harmful powders need not be used. Never use tight rubber panties.

The infant should be kept free from clothing, and dressed as lightly as possible at all times. This will condition the little body to the benefits of fresh air, and the elements. Therefore the simpler the wardrobe, the better.

Toiletries for baby may be reduced to two simple requisites–olive oil and epsom salt. Add toilet tissues and absorbent cotton, and you will be well supplied
for baby’s needs.



Undoubtedly man’s chemical set-up is responsible for his emotional nature. Environment is also a great factor in determining certain mental traits.

The chemical balance should be of utmost concern from the first day of conscious life. And so we turn to food.

The evolution of civilization unveils a new problem with each progressing cycle. This century has been hailed as the bombastic streamline era. Our daily habits, and our very philosophy of food have been affected from the moment the magnificent “first wail” strikes a note of ascendency. Nature is not concerned with the emancipation of woman (a truly remarkable development for a higher mental standard), but she is definitely annoyed at its
reflection that seems to have sprung up over night like a weed-EMANCIPATION FROM WOMANHOOD.

Why all this controversy about nursing the baby? Why all the symposiums on the magic formula of the “bottle”? There is no magic lying in wait on the outskirts of Nature’s radius.

Mothers! Nurse your child! This is the only procedure that lends a flash of brilliance to the future-the initial transfusion of life with immunity to the myriads of columns of invading entities.

The new-born babe is generally given lukewarm water during the first few days until lactation is established. After nursing is possible, baby may be offered lukewarm water sweetened with honey (1 teaspoon honey to 1 cup of water), between feedings.


Milk, the perfect food for infants is perfect only when it is received by the body by direct contact from the Mother’s breast as Nature intended. The breast is so constructed with a one-way valvular system that milk may flow only from the breast to the child. Thus no bacteria or anti-bodies can enter to pollute in any way the life-giving fluid. BREAST FEEDING IS THEREFORE HIGHLY SUPERIOR AND DESIRABLE FOR HEALTHY INFANCY.

The period of lactation depends upon the individual. Generally termination is natural when the child begins to teethe. After the first two months, add fruit and vegetable juices between nursing periods. These fruits and vegetables must be fully ripened, and the juice extracted freshly for each feeding. Start with a few drops at a time and gradually increase in proportion to the child’s capacity of assimilation. Use honey water in preference to plain water, as a good builder and producer of strength and energy.

Alternate fruit or vegetable juices with the giving of added calcium as found in alfalfa, alfalfa-mint, camomile or oat-straw tea. Honey may be added to the tea.

Feeding of cereals to the infant should be discouraged during lactation and until the child is capable of masticating, as all starches must commence digestion in the mouth by action of salivary fluids. If swallowed whole, fermentation takes place and digestional
disturbances are produced.


Nature casts exception in the case of the sincere woman who through some unforeseen complication cannot nurse her child, and is automatically released from her moral obligation.

This type of bottle baby can also claim a title to superior development providing the mother follows the natural codes.

It is extremely difficult to specify the exact moment a mother should augment her child’s menus. Type, weight, and size must be the deciding elements of consideration.

To simplify matters, let us assume the following pattern of feeding.
A. MILK, the primary food.
1. Mother’s milk, the leader.
2. Almond or soybean or pine-nut milk, preferable substitutes for mother’s milk.
3. Coconut milk.
4. Raw peanut milk.

These may be sweetened with raw honey. If the child does not seem to favor honey, use molasses, raw sugar or maple sugar. Fruit sugars derived from dates, raisins, figs and prunes make a delightful addition to baby’s sweet tooth. The raisin is perhaps the most
practicable of all because it is available at any time or place.

If almonds are not available, use pine nut, pecan (richest in protein content), hazelnut, brazil nut, in fact, any nut will make a good milk.

B. HONEY, the great giver of life and predigested food. A nutritious asset from the very beginning of life to the most advanced stages.
1. Honey-water (start at birth in preference to plain water-1 teaspoon to 1 cup of
2. Honey-lemonade.

Train your child to like lemon and lime. Encourage his licking these at first for taste cultivation, then use a few drops of either in plain or honey-water. (Lemon must be naturally tree-ripened or it will be harmful to the gums.)


In most cases, healthy babies at the age of six to eight weeks, can be fed puree or juices. Then as soon as the infant can masticate well, (probably between two to three months), start giving him small quantities of solid food, increasing with his ability to handle it well.

C. FRUIT (Raw) All fruits where baby is concerned must be fully RIPENED and in season.
Banana Carob Lime
Apple Sapota Papaya
(Sweet) Cheromoya Melon
Berries Persimmon
Pear Orange Cherries (sieve)
Peach Lemon(tree-ripened)
Apricot Plum Prunes
Mango (French)

FRESH JUICES: ORANGE, PINEAPPLE, GRAPE, POMEGRANATE—(It is imperative that the pomegranate
be dead-ripe. The juice must be naturally sweet to avoid cramping. The color of the seed usually denotes stage of maturity, therefore, be sure the seeds are garnet-red before use.)

DRIED FOODS : Raisins Prunes Currants Dates Figs

The use of raw nut-butter or shredded nut in combination with fresh fruits provides an excellent source of protein.

1 teaspoon [nut] butter to 1 cup mashed fruit, or proportion desired.

D. VEGETABLES: Tomato Carrot Beet Asparagus Turnips Rutabaga Kohlrabi Potato Yam Okra Corn Squash (baked)

Tomato-l teaspoon of fully ripe mashed vegetable may be offered to the infant as early as eight weeks of age.


For oil of lemon and orange-add grated lemon or orange peel to water. Make tea, strain and add honey.

Banana must be fully ripened. Mash, beat to liquid state, feed with a spoon.

Shred sweet apple until pureed.

Nut butter–one teaspoonful to a cup of water or juice.

Combine green juices-spinach, parsley, celery, etc. with carrot or tomato to suit taste. Never combine more than two at a time.

Carob–commonly called St. John’s Bread. Wash, soak in water overnight. Grind, replace in water used for soaking) squeeze through cheesecloth. Powdered carob is now available.

Vegetables-As soon as possible feed tomatoes, grated raw vegetables-i.e. Carrot, beet (add lemon and honey), raw unpeeled potato–grated, flavor with a little olive oil; kohlrabi, turnips, rutabagas, same as potato.

Kelp–sea lettuce-seasoning with dulce optional.

Fennel, anise, caraway-grind to fine powder add to food or juice.

Herbs. Sage or Thyme-(use 1/8 teaspoon as seasoning).

Any nut will make a good milk. 1 cup of nuts, liquefied with 1 quart of water, and strained through cheese cloth, or additional nuts to make milk desired consistency. (Liquefy pinenuts in shell).

Almond milk. Blanch almonds, grind very fine, or liquefy. If grinding, use one heaping teaspoon of nut butter to one cup of liquid. Use one cup of almonds to one quart of water to liquefy. Sweeten to taste. (Almond milk may be combined with coconut milk if desired).

Soybean milk:-(use 1/2 to one cup, soaked, soybeans to one quart water). Wash beans thoroughly, soak over night, retain water and liquefy, squeeze through cheese cloth. Sweeten to taste with honey, maple or raw sugar. A few drops of vanilla may be
added. This is an excellent formula for infants.

Battle Creek Malted Nuts are excellent for infant feeding.

Lentils and Beans:-(use 1 cup lentils or beans to 1 quart water). Boil well then simmer 1 to 1 1/2 hours, season with sieved carrots, onions and cooked celery, and olive oil.

Split pea soup:-(use 1/2 cup split peas, 1 quart water). Wash peas and cook in boiling water until done. Season with bay leaf and oregano and olive oil.

Fruit Juices: Grape juice excellent. (mash grapes and put through cloth). Prune, fig, raisin or date juice-grind fruit, add water and sweeten to taste. (Use one cup pulp to one pint sterile water. All water should be boiled).

Orange and lemon marmalade: Shred or grate peel to a fine consistency and mix with honey. This may be used as a spread or spooned as a tidbit.


Alfalfa mint tea: To one cup boiling water add one teaspoon alfalfa mint tea and let steep for at least ten minutes. (Serve body temperature).

Camomile tea-(German camomile): To one cup boiling water add one teaspoon camomile tea and let steep to desired taste.

Orange, Lemon, Lime, Tangerine peel tea:(Shred peeling) To 1/4 teaspoon peel, add one cup
boiling water, cover and let stand. Sweeten to taste.

Fennel, Caraway, Dill, Flaxseed, Sunflower tea:( Grind seeds to powder). Use one teaspoon powder to one cup boiling water and allow to steep. Mint may be combined with any of these if desired.

Orange Blossom tea : – (Blossoms should be collected in the summer, allow to dry thoroughly in a dry place. Seal in jars). Use 1/4 teaspoon blossoms to 1 cup boiling water and allow to steep. (The same method and portion of blossoms is used to make the following teas as used in making Orange Blossom tea).-
Clover Blossom Tea (red)
Lemon Blossom Tea
Lime Blossom Tea
Marigold Blossom Tea
Chrysanthemum Blossom ·
Rose Petal Tea (the rosebud contains a resin, very beneficial).

Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit leaf tea: (Grind Fresh leaves). Use 1/4 teaspoon of leaves to one cup boiling water and let steep. (All are good blood tonics).

Carrot Top Tea:-(Chop tops) Use 1 tablespoon chopped greens to one cup boiling water. (Blend with parsley if desired) .

Young raw com-shred surface of com to break the skin-scrape off with blunt side of knife so as to obtain specifically creamy substance leaving husk. If necessary, strain through sieve. Use as is.

Mallow-Chop up fine. Soak in cold water overnight. Strain. (Use boiled water only.)

Cactus leaf (from edible fruit-bearing cactus). Imperative that all stickers be removed by singeing over flame. Shred fine— soak overnight in cold water, strain, add tomato or sweet fruit juices, or honey.


Raisins, dates, figs, prunes-Grind, add 1 pint water to 1 cup ground
fruit-stir thoroughly. Squeeze through cloth. Lemon, orange peel or
juice may be added.

Carrot juice-Scrape carrots, cut tops off 1/2 inch down from top.

Beet juice-(Make all juices fresh using 1/3 juice
to 2/3 water), add few drops lemon or lime.

Other combinations: 1/4 parsley to 3/4 carrot
1/2 carrot to 1/2 celery
2/3 carrot to 1/3 coconut. Use discriminative judgment as to proportion and amount given.

Commence with 1 teaspoonful juice at two weeks of age and increase in proportion.

Orange-All fruit must be naturally sweet-no sweetening added except lemon, lime or grapefruit. Must be throughly ripe and sweet. Grapefruit must be sweet and bitter.

Lettuce-Green leaves of all lettuce (romaine or head) Grind, squeeze juice, sweeten to taste.

All green leaf juicy vegetables— spinach, celery, beet tops, cabbage, endive, dandelion (dilute) 1 teaspoon to 8 teaspoons of water.

Tomato-Fresh-put through sieve-serve plain or top with avocado-add plenty parsley juice
(more [absorbable] iron than many other vegetable juices.)

Shredded nuts-mix with raw or maple sugar— use over fruit.

Apples and avocado: Peel and grate apple pulp-if desired, heat slightly. Mash avocado and add few drops of lemon, lime or tomato juice.

For Older Children:
Cabbage or cauliflower-Shred fine-add oil, lemon, little salt or honey, and lemon dressing.

Beets— Shred fine-add honey and lemon, little cinnamon if desired. Add shredded lemon or
orange peel, or both.

Carrots— finely shredded-plain— top with mashed avocado or finely ground raw nut butter or almond milk. Sweeten with honey, maple or raw sugar.


A child being trained from conception in the law of self preservation has the desire to satisfy its untrained physical wants without discrimination. A new born babe with its wailing has the power to soften its Mother’s emotions so that she will have the impulse
to yield to its desires.

To properly discipline a baby, parents should use their own discrimination without feeling of fault to direct the wants of the infant to its best advantage. Therefore training must commence with an impartial, or as nearly impartial attitude as humanly possible, from birth, in order to avoid trouble in the future. Once a parent yields, and the infant realizes its latent powers are capable of accomplishing its indiscriminate wants, the habit has become a fact, and the child fully uses its power to its own great

Never give any thought of not loving your child, rather minister to its physical needs, fulfill its spiritual needs, and the love that manifested its being will in utmost beneficence fully develop obedience and training so that the child will express good character to the fullest extent.

Some children may be trained with kindness and firmness, while others cannot, therefore physical means may be required. Denial and deprivation are the best means of persuasion. Never, under any circumstances, yield once you have commenced the method of deprivation. Always keep faith with your child. Act according to your spoken word and he will respect and respond with perfect faith and acceptance.

Explain your requests, and the reason to a child as you would to an adult. He will unconsciously respond in most instances. Begin this practice as soon as your infant is capable of absorbing your thoughts. Strong spirit is to be encouraged, but so is the quality of cheerful obedience.


The moment an infant draws his first breath, his business of living begins. And the word business is used deliberately, for the moment his umbilical cord is severed, he becomes personally responsible for projecting his wants and needs to his parents. As we have previously stated, from that moment his training must begin.

A Mother or nurse cannot spend every moment with her baby or charge, therefore the infant becomes accustomed to entertaining himself with his hands, feet, rattle, teething ring or toys. He should be encouraged to amuse himself contentedly in his buggy or play-pen, OUTDOORS if possible. Naturally a baby must not be out of range of immediate supervision if he cries or is distressed.

Freedom of movement from birth will allow baby all the exercise needed to develop his body, together with his form of play with his personal objects, (toys).

As he begins to toddle it is well if he may be allowed periods of play with other children, his own age or older, where he may learn to share his toys and simple games, both planned and self originated.

Play is the child’s business just as his care and home management his mother’s, and the responsibility of maintaining the economic status of a good home his father’s business. The child who is successful in his play both alone, and with others, either his brothers
or sisters or friends, will be naturally adjusted to
school life with a minimum of emotional upset.

Looking ahead toward school days and the first poignant separation, children should be trained to feel secure and perfectly satisfied in the presence and care of other members of the family or a reliable babysitter in the absence of his parents.

The practice of discipline should be laid down by the parents from the moment the baby arrives. The infant should be trained by both the father and the mother in a method of common accord, so that when one parent requires obedience in a decision, his opinion should be upheld by the other. Only where this is possible does the child learn to respect
and trust the correctional opinions of his parents.

Naturally when a grand-parent, relative or nurse is in charge of the child, their word becomes his law as directed by his parents’ wishes. But at no time should any child be subjected to opposing decisions or conflict over his behavior by any well-meaning relative or outsider in the child’s presence. This practice of parental interference only confuses the child, and teaches him to cheat his responsibility by running from one parent or relative to another to receive permission to evade a childish duty as required by another adult.

Pre-school classes and simple tests prescribed will guide the parent to adjustments which may be required to prepare the youngster for kindergarten. There is no excuse for a nervous, “mothers-baby” who weeps and refuses to become a part of his kindergarten
class if proper training has been observed.

While the child attends pre-school, and when he commences his kindergarten class, his parents should arrange with his teacher for the light refreshment period most schools observe. Preparation of a simple fruit or fruit, nut milk drink, i.e.-grape and almond
milk, orange juice, almond milk or coconut milk, carrot, and pinenut milk, may be taken in the thermos bottle for the vegetarian child so that he may share this period as the other children do. There need be no embarrassment nor any comments made regarding the fact that his drink is different than his schoolmates receive, nor that he doesn’t partake of animal foods, if the teacher will cooperate in an understanding manner. There should be no reason
to expect any non-cooperation from the teacher.

For a school-child’s lunch box a sufficient quantity of any ripe fruit in season, (raisins, dates, bananas or dried unsulphered fruits, tomatoes, lettuce, carrot and celery strips etc.) ; a whole wheat avocado sandwich, eggless whole wheat cookies or a “treat”
of coconut candy (melt and boil slightly, brown sugar, oil, almond or soya milk, add coconut and ground almonds, vanilla. Cool in an oiled pan, cut into finger squares) will prove an adequate substantial lunch.

During colder weather, hot potassium broth or light soups may be added to the lunch box; for the warmer months, vegetable or fruit juices are advisable.

Rest periods should be observed after school. Light snacks of fresh fruit in season keep the appetite appeased until the evening meal.

Suggested menus: breakfast: fresh fruit in season, add nut cream if desired. Lunch-pail: fruit in season, whole wheat sandwich, eggless whole wheat cookies, candy treat, soup or fruit juice in thermos. Snack: fresh fruit in season. Dinner: Well baked potato with olive oil, nut-cream or avocado or whole wheat spaghetti and tomato sauce, or gluten steak with fresh green salad. Bed-time snack: fruit-juice. A good play out of doors before dinner whets appetites and creates a happy release of pent-up energy. Simple household tasks such as putting the silver on the table, picking up the papers, hanging up his own clothing, will give the child a sense of importance and belonging to the scheme of things. Always insist on his keeping his own toys in order and properly put away after playtime.

[Ed note: The Rotondi Foundation does not in any way currently endorse the views in the following three paragraph, first articulated by Dr. Rotondi in January, 1953.]

Under no circumstances should a child be subjected to innoculations or vaccines to prepare for school days. A healthy body will be adequate protection against childish or contagious and infectious diseases. A child raised from infancy on a proper diet, given correct exercise and rest will in most instances be strong enough to combat such germs within his own healthy blood-stream. Protective and preventive measures should always be taken in cases of contaminated areas or in the presence of such individuals, such as throat spray or gargle, or few drops of eucalyptus oil on raw sugar, slowly dissolved in the mouth.

Should a child contract measles, mumps or any of the afflictions of infancy and youth, take all food away from him, and immediately call your Naturist physician.

Vaccines are made from animal and human pus and to inject such filth into the bloodstream of your child may cause greater troubles. There are sufficient powerful and harmless herbs to purge and cleanse the body of infectious or contagious invasions. Vaccinations
may even cause positive Wasserman tests when no trace of social disease may be found in a family nor any possible source of infection be present. Why subject an innocent child to such fearful and poisonous toxins when Nature has provided potent natural preventives?


Children reared as active members of the family, participating in its coordinated functions from the time they are taught as infants, grow naturally to be independent, self-sufficient members. Sharing the chores of the house are excellent in making the child
feel he is a necessary member of the family, and important to its well being. School need not interfere with these duties, and leisure time should not be
spent entirely in play.

Working with parents gives ideal opportunities to have the fullest confidence of children-to answer their questions of family life, receive and influence their youthful inspirations and aspirations.

Recreation is re-creation. Resting the mind, exercising the whole body, stimulating greater flow of blood and life forces, healthy recreation carries off body wastes and charges cells with new life and growth. Encourage healthful outdoor sports for leisure
time-swimming and hiking may be enjoyed by the entire family from the time a child can walk. Often children enjoy paddling in the water from their first bath of immersion. If they are trained to have no fear of water as babies, swimming will become second nature. This healthful sport will insure a healthy body.

As the child reaches the age of puberty, food again plays an important role. Use of perverted, devitalized, over-cooked foods are to be greatly discouraged. Particularly at this time, cooked or commercial foods are detrimental. Raw, natural foods are vital to keep the body up to par while Nature activates the system to assume its full capability. Now, if ever, the child is what he eats. The vegetarian diet should be strictly
·observed so that the newly aroused emotional centers may not overdevelop.

All animal foods are false sex stimulants. Vegetable proteins are also stimulative to a degree, therefore the diet should mainly consist of easily absorbed, low protein, high mineral-vitamin natural fresh greens, tree-ripened fruits. Contrary to medical methods, use no animal proteins in any form, as too much protein creates destructive acids. Green leafy vegetables, and fresh fruits fully tree-ripened in season should make up the major part of the diet. Nuts and a few tubers, natural sugars and natural proteins (cereals, whole grains, millet, com, barley), produce required energy in sufficient amounts to supply body needs rather than appetite satisfaction. Spicy foods should be avoided.

More than ever, the child needs understanding, patient, tolerant acceptance of his many moods. Accepting his silences and over-exuberances calmly will help him to achieve the poise he seems suddenly to have lost. Encouragement, and quiet firmness in tactfully helping him over the rough spots are musts for the harassed parent at this point. Give him responsibility, and insist that he accept it. Ignore the moments of tremendous superiority he suffers. Companionship and acceptance of him as a newly initiated adult, stimulating his interest in healthful sports and new hobbies, seeking his opinion on family problems
are the best aids parents can offer to their adolescent youngsters.


The generative organs of a child should be kept free from irritation, washed daily and oiled to keep free from undue friction from infancy. Excessive secretions, if not properly eliminated, tend to cause irritations which are misinterpreted for feeling, often causing masturbation.

As soon as the child can comprehend, he should be taught never to touch his genital organs except for cleansing and eliminative purposes. Strict observation and proper guidance by the parents are extremely necessary as it is very easy to develop unnecessary habits which may lead to a great many secret troubles.

To cleanse, use USP Epsom salt in weak solution(never use boric acid) , 1 tsp epsom salt to 1 cup of water for bathing or 2 cups salt to shallow tub. Foreskin on a male child should be carefully drawn back and oiled with either vegetable or olive oil. Don’t use
powder as this tends to irritate dry skin rather than soothe. Under no consideration use epsom salt and soap together. When soap is used to remove superficial dirt, be certain it is the best castile or strictly vegetable oil soap. Sayman’s Soap–Fitch Vegetable Oil Soap-Hersey’s Coco Oil Soap, etc.

Circumcision is not a natural procedure therefore Naturopathy does not sanction it as a common practice. There are rare cases where surgery is imperative. Whenever irritation or impaired urinary functions are indicated, consult your Naturopathic physician.

When a child is old enough to ask questions, he is old enough to receive simple, direct, and truthful answers based on his development, and ability to absorb and readily understand. If the life of the child unfolds naturally, and he is given the courtesy of honest educational companionship, undue curiosity may be avoided until queries should normally arise. A precocious child should not be put off or hushed when asking questions about himself. Answer his questions simply and turn his attention elsewhere.

An intelligent, natural attitude on the part of the parents will do much to keep the child in a proper attitude toward the development of his body, and the mystery of life. Such an approach will give him a sense of security, and a feeling of well being wherein there is no place for suspicion or ugly untruths.

The simple dignity of the fact of generation can arouse only the most spiritual emotions in a child. Boys may be deeply impressed by the knowledge that cleanliness, and purity build the healthy bodies of master athletes. Even the tiniest girl-child yearns to grow up
to be like Mother and have babies of her own. Stress always the fact that each must take meticulous care of the body God has given him so that he will be strong and healthy to be happy.

Each child presents an entirely new and different problem to parents-but guidance, sensible discipline, complete honesty in all family relations, healthful diet, and spiritual training will assure fearless, happy growth with no worry or fear of juvenile delinquency. The results vastly outweigh the burden of responsibility, loss of personal freedom, and self sacrifice parenthood demands.


We come to this earth as infants. Our span of life here is marked by spiritual and physical growth. Our greatest good must then be derived in building our body temples to that state of human perfection for which they are intended.

The general public is all too prone to criticize any deviation from the routine of living which has become typical the world over. However, it is an acknowledged fact that science will unfold even greater wonders, inventors create many efficient changes in our mechanical mode of life, and artists provide a richer esthetic life with their contributions of music, painting and literary inspirations. What, then, is so strange in
the Vegetarian evolving, or in reality, going back to the Genesis way of living? The divine diet as written in The Book as ordained by the Creator for Adam and Eve was a far simpler and much superior way of life. To those vegetarians who have accepted the ancient
truth, it has proven a boon in our over-complex world.

And for pure thrill of living, take a vegetarian! It is evident in the keen enjoyment and zest for healthy exercise – hiking, swimming, dancing, tennis, badminton, rowing, and, not to forget to mention the true taste to properly appreciate the bountiful store of vegetables, grapes, melons, berries, herbs, fruits and nuts nature has provided for all.

Blessed indeed is the person who has lived naturally as a vegetarian from infancy, guided by a wise Mother. It has been well said, “WE ARE WHAT WE EAT, WHAT WE DRINK, WHAT WE THINK, WHAT HABITS WE ENTERTAIN.” This is the primary argument for the vegetarian
way of life.

Compare the clear skin, sparkling eyes, keenness of mind, exceptional vigor of the vegetarian child with children of flesh-eating families. Children raised as vegetarians have a minimum of childish ailments, outdistance, and outlive all other children: This statement is no idle jest, but may be proven by every youngster raised as a vegetarian. When the body is clean, the mental and spiritual phases of the individual can respond as God intended. The vegetarian way of life is the happy way—the healthy way—the ONLY way to the highest spiritual development possible on the earth plane.

It is not only for those trained from infancy. One may strive to purify his life pattern at any time or any age. The results will not only prolong his life by years, but his mental faculties as well. This latter, unfortunately, may find his way beset by periods of reaction as the body attempts to throw off the results of the inferior pattern of living and its deadly toxins. Surely the wealth of benefits more than compensate the cleansing periods and the slight discomforts of cleansing disturbances. Even the student still in the throes of detoxification will find that his body responds to the buoyant feeling vegetarians know so well.

All who will may realize the trinity of basic principles of vegetarianism: 1. Cleansing his body temple. 2. Keeping his mind in harmony with all living beings. 3. Keeping his soul in peace within his Creator. The basic religion of vegetarianism embraces the following tenents of Divine Law:

1. Mental—Harmony through realization of the oneness of all living beings by the overcoming of all sin.
2. Physical—Cleansing the body temple through feasting the Genesis way upon plenty of fruits, herbs, and grains provided and intended by Nature.
3. Spiritual—Realization of the truth of Divine Law and living in the way of Jesus the Christ in complete rhythm with the perpetual evolution of Creation to its ultimate perfection.

The heritage of such as seek the true way of life is boundless and eternal—Mothers and Fathers would you wish for your child any less?

For “Unto your hands a soul is given,
A young soul, fresh from the heart of God.
A free soul whose life it is not yours to live;
Whose path may lead thru Eden or Gethsamane,
But withal a soul, needing your love and guidance.
Then mark the course of childhood well-
The love your heart bestows,
Shall grow that he may
See the beauty of God’s world,
Walk with confidence,
Hear with understanding,
Speak with wisdom,
And live as one with his brother-man.
For only then may he
Return one day to the heart of GodA
soul matured for having known
The kindness of your touch,
The blessing of your love.”

Then, parents, dare to bring your child the heritage of the vegetarian way of life that he may walk in the Light.

And in the Light, there shall be revelation of the Law—“Thou shalt not kill” is plainly stated in the Word. AND THEREFORE I SAY: AS LONG AS PARENTS FEED THEm CHILDREN UPON THE BLOOD OF SLAUGHTERED ANIMALS, THEY WILL AUTOMATICALLY PERPETUATE BLOODY AGGRESSION. THEIR CHILDREN MUST REAP WHAT HAS BEEN SOWN ON THE BATTLEFIELDS OF WAR WITH ITS HORRIBLE PESTILENCE, AND FEEL THE STING OF THE TWO-EDGED SWORD OF RETRIBUTION. Wars will never cease as long as MAN, the highest order of the animal kingdom, wages war upon his lesser animal brothers and upon his own kind.

Again, “Love is the fulfillment of the Law”, according to the Word, and the power of the parents today will be felt in all the tomorrows -to come. Mothers and Fathers—yours is the decision—Shall there be peace or war, health or hatred for the future of your children? Will you dare to crusade in the cause of truth and right-living—the vegetarian way, according to the Law and the Word?

The purity of bodies and minds produced by the clean, health-giving foods Nature intended will redeem practically every living being from all disease, and point the way to peaceful living if he accepts, and follows the truth with an open mind, and without fear of opposition. May God grant you the strength so to do.