Former U.S. President Sticking to Vegan Diet

Many people know former U.S. President Bill Clinton has become a vegan. Clinton was often made fun of for his junk food breaks during earlier public life but after he was diagnosed with heart disease, he is giving veganism a serious run. Clinton has already achieved remarkable weight loss and appears very healthy in recent… Continue reading Former U.S. President Sticking to Vegan Diet

Save Money, Improve Your Health With Beans and Grains

Rodale published this interesting article on how eating beans and grains instead of meat makes more economic sense than most people think — by lowering healthcare and prescription drug costs. (One poll showed people spend more on cheap junk food during hard times than on health food.) It also pays to cook your own beans… Continue reading Save Money, Improve Your Health With Beans and Grains

Vegan Bakers Make Headlines

Nia Froome, founder of Mamma Nia’s Vegan Bakery, has won a young entrepreneur award and will meet President Obama later this month. Ms. Froome continues the trend of wowing sweets lovers with tasty baked goods that are dairy-free. Back in June, Chloe Coscarelli stunned the pastry world by winning the Food Networks cupcake contest competing… Continue reading Vegan Bakers Make Headlines

30 Years of PETA

The Huffington Post has put together a collection of PETA advertising over the last 30 years. Say what you will about their controversial methods, they have kept animal rights, the fur-free lifestyle, and vegetarianism in the zeitgeist. PETA also recently celebrated with a gala party in Hollywood on September 26th.