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We’re At SoCalVegFest in Costa Mesa

We’re giving away our books and bookmarks at SoCalVegFest! (Donations encouraged.) Stop by our booth (H7) and say hi! 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa CA

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Your Vegetarian Baby Published

We have published Dr. Rotondi’s booklet, Your Vegetarian Baby. Please enjoy learning further about his philosophy and advice regarding child-rearing. [The usual disclaimer applies: We do not necessarily endorse the entire contents of this text. We strongly urge parents to … Continue reading

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“Impossible” Burger Debuts

I was intrigued by a recent news article about a new veggie burger that is being served in NYC. As the article notes, this burger is not geared toward hard-core vegans but at meat lovers who might like a meat … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi all! A little late for this but we obviously support all efforts to eliminate meats from your holiday gatherings. To that end, Huffpo has some great modern vegan recipes. I have Dr. Rotondi’s Your Vegetarian Baby almost ready to … Continue reading

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Vegans Represent at NYC People’s Climate March

I attended the People’s Climate March today but was only able to stay for the “assembly” portion as I had to get back to my office. I noticed a large vegan group displaying a banner that said “Compassion — Nonviolence … Continue reading

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Study Makes New Connection Between Meat and Global Warming

Many newspapers picked up on this study which suggests that the nitrous oxide produced in meat production is a major contributor to climate change. One of the best things you can do to help reduce climate is GO VEGAN (or at … Continue reading

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Vegan Tacos / Tostadas

Hi folks! It’s been a while since I’ve updated the site. I made these vegan tacos the other day and they were so good, I thought it was time to do so. Any Mexican food aficionado will tell you to … Continue reading

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Vegetarian (and Vegan) Comedians

Huffington Post highlighted 13 comedians who are vegan/vegetarian and vocal about it, some more than others.  Ellen DeGeneres recently launched Going Vegan with Ellen. (We note that Huffpo editors posted this in the comedy section and it’s cross-referenced in neither … Continue reading

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Three Vegan Potluck Recipes

[Note: This was originally published March 2, 2011. I am able to republish verbatim thanks to reader Krys O who printed it out for me and Adobe Acrobat’s OCR feature!] So you’ve been invited to vegan potluck and have no … Continue reading

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Vegan Black Metal Chef – Pad Thai

This site was off the air for a little while. Sorry about that. Several posts with yummy potluck recipes were lost but I still have the photos so I’ll try to get those back up at some point. In the … Continue reading

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