Healthy Summer Salad

We just whipped up this salad using a bag of Trader Joe’s Broccoli slaw. Super delicious! We added balsamic vinaigrette dressing but you can eat as-is or use your favorite dressing. 1 package Trader Joe’s Broccoli slaw (12 oz) 2 shredded carrots 1 chopped celery stalk 2 chopped plum tomatoes 1 half package frozen peas… Continue reading Healthy Summer Salad

Three Vegan Potluck Recipes

[Note: This was originally published March 2, 2011. I am able to republish verbatim thanks to reader Krys O who printed it out for me and Adobe Acrobat’s OCR feature!] So you’ve been invited to vegan potluck and have no idea what to do. Here are three cheap and easy ideas. I haven’t posted in… Continue reading Three Vegan Potluck Recipes

Vegetarian Recipes for Thanksgiving from New York Times

The New York Times Eat Well food blog will feature yummy vegetarian recipes that will fit right in with any Thanksgiving feast. Check in with Eat Well often! I noticed the first recipe calls for honey and that you can substitute agave nectar for vegans. This trick can certainly be applied to any of Dr.… Continue reading Vegetarian Recipes for Thanksgiving from New York Times