Dr. Pietro Rotondi
Dr. Pietro Rotondi

The Pietro Rotondi Foundation operates to promote veganism and the vegan lifestyle through continuing to publish Dr. Rotondi’s books and articles. We try to keep up with current news on the vegan diet.

Dr. Pietro Rotondi (1892-1985), became a vegetarian (vegan with the exception of honey) in 1919 and was a practicing chiropractor and naturopath in Los Angeles, California, until his passing. As president and founder of the Vegetarian Society of Los Angeles, he is one of the first American vegetarian activists. He published one of the earliest vegetarian cookbooks, Vegetarian Cookery, in 1942, with a revised edition in 1948. (Most of the recipes are indeed vegan except for the few instances of honey.)

We recently rediscovered a documentary made by Ben Swets in 1991. Enjoy!

Dr. Rotondi’s taught and believed that the vegan lifestyle is beneficial to the health and well-being of human beings:

Since the establishment of the foundation, further research has emerged that “factory farming” of animals for food has a severe and detrimental effect on factors that contribute to global warming and community pollution. It has also been shown that methane produced by cows is perhaps one of the greatest contributor to greenhouse gases. The Rotondi Foundation is generally a proponent of the ideas espoused in the documentary film, Earthlings. We will update the news section whenever something interesting comes along. We will add materials from our archive as time allows. Constructive comments are always welcome.

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