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This is the New Age that brings forth fresh thoughts, original patterns, rejuvenations and creations. In like vein, it is for you to become conscious of the present startling revelations in diet and nutrition as an insurance against the demands of this ever changing world.

In these pages, you will find all you need to know for your “design for living.”

Beauty–where does it come from. where does it go all too soon? It comes from the God Power that made the laws of Nature. It is as difficult to capture as electricity itself. You may have noticed that a new light glows brightly, and an old one grows dim and unsatisfactory. So it is with beauty. Recharging the electricity forces of the light will bring back the glow; in a similar way, recharging the organs of the body, through proper living, and thinking, will restore the glow of beauty.

To attain this height, first learn that the body is not a possession of a mortal. It is a fine instrument lent to you to be used and developed both mentally and spiritually Then, knowing this, you will heed the rules of natural diet. Live upon fruits, leafy vegetables, nuts, tubers, legumes and other vegetation; spurn animal substances, candy, nicotine and alcohol-for this is the Law which will redeem practically every living individual from all disease and trouble if he accepts and follows with an open mind and without fear of opposition.

We are here on earth for a purpose: to gain selfknowledge and self-mastery, and to be of service to mankind. Therefore, it is useless for us to seek happiness within ourselves as well as with our neighbors, nations. and races, unless we first purify out- bodies and minds by eating clean and health-giving foods such as Nature intended.
Diet, therefore, is a vitally important subject in that it deals with the chemistry of a body composed of the food you cat, the liquids you drinks. the habits in which you Indulge. and the thoughts you entertain-for the Will in a man is reafly the result of the chemicals he has in his body.

God created woman the guiding star of man to inspire and guide him from the depths of brutality to the heights of physical. mental and spiritual attainment. Man alone can accomplish nothing. The greatest men in the world’s history have reached the pinnacle through the love and inspiration of some woman. It is necessary for the woman of today to assert herself in her original rightful position as the true hope of the world for peace and happiness to all people without distinction of race, creed, caste or color.

It is expressly to this feminine side of Nature, Mother of all, who must conceive, give birth to, and train her young to live in accordance with Nature’s finest laws, that I bring the humble efforts of a lifetime as the key to all secrets of the four great kingdoms of Nature-fire, air, earth and water-to ease the roughness of a road we all have to travel.

-The Author.


“As gold is uncorruptible in fire, so is man
answerable to the one God dwelling in him.”
—Jacob Boehme.

Man is no more than that which he makes of himself. Nature’s Way is the only way: She determines the heights to be held; the blessings to be reaped-Peace from within!

Civilization has for centuries transgressed the Law, leaving in its wake a perpetual trail of futility and destruction. War 1 How can man ever hope to regain the heritage that rightfully belongs to him as long as he willfully slaughters animals and partakes of their flesh for his sustenance; as long as he participates in the so-called prevalent sports of hunting and fishing, hoping to gratify his pleasures which in turn mold of him that which he continually consumes-a thing that feeds upon its own fury!

“Thou shalt not kill-neither Man nor Beast-for whatsoever thou hast done unto the least of these, thou hast done unto me,” saith the Lord. “But love one another -for Love is the fulfillment of the Law!”


This, the twentieth century, has brought a new fashionable consciousness to our nation and other nations of the World-Vitamins! In fact, it has become so all consumingly important to worry about the necessary units of daily vitamin intake, that Science, backed by Medical Knowledge has presented us with a neat little addition to our lunch kit which we can now carry about in our pockets without any social consciousness whatsoever. It is really no trouble at all to dispose of A, C, D-B, G, & E (either singly or jointly) in the “twinkle of an eye” with the aid of a little water or just plain saliva.

People, as a result, are in such a quandary about this “dietary problem” that it has become vital to erase all doubts and exaggerations by answering the many forthcoming queries in a sane and logical vein.’

Nature provides man with a variety of foods fully equipped to nourish his body with all the necessary elements-vitamins included. True, our land today is deficient in minerals and other chemical properties and can thus only produce inferior vegetation. With this in mind, we can readily understand that there is nothing wrong with Vegetarianism, its ideals and principles, or the diet it advocates-for the greatest majority of people are deficient in certain elements in spite of a so-called balanced diet whether it be vegetarian or otherwise.

However, why must we limit ourselves to land vegetation? What of the sea? Where else can we find such wealth in minerals, such unsurpassed realms of nutritional value untouched by man? The greater the mineral content, the greater the vitamin properties. What can be finer vegetation than the bounty of the sea kingdom?

Also, Vitamins taken singly (A, B, C, D, etc.) are undeniably of some value to the system, but they must be in combination with each other in full accordance with Nature’s intrinsic formula to be utilized by the body to advantage. The wonders of Nature can never be synthetically duplicated by man: She bestowed upon him foods of perfect chemical balance, for all things on this earth must be as a unit-each complete in itself yet a part of the Whole.


Iron Foods
Watercress (favorite), Dried Figs,
Dandelion Greens, Dried Prunes,
Peas, Raisins,
Spinach, Lentils

Iodine Foods
Onions, Strawberries,
Mushrooms, Spinach,
Pineapple, Beets,
Pears, Garlic,
Sea greens

Magnesium Foods
Lemons, Lettuce,
Grapefruit, Asparagus,
Limes, Radishes,
Figs, Cauliflower,
Cucumbers, Cherries,
Almonds, Peaches,
Spinach, Whole wheat

Vitamin “A”
Tomatoes, Spinach (cooked not more than 8 minutes),
Raw carrots

Vitamin “B”
Fresh Spinach, Turnips,
Raw cabbage, Whole grains,
Tomatoes, All green and leafy vegetables,
Kidney and Navy Beans,
Carrots, Yeast

Vitamin “C”
Lime Juice, Raw tomatoes,
Orange juice, Oat, pea or bean sprouts,
Grapefruit juice, Onions,
Watercress, Dandelions,
Raw cabbage, Endive,
Fresh string beans, Raw carrots

Vitamin “G” [sic – Ed. note: Vitamin D? Vitamin E had not been isolated in the 1940s.]
Yeast, Potatoes (with jackets),
Beet greens, Whole grains,
Turnip greens

Laxative Foods
Figs, Peaches,
Dates, Pears,
Apricots, Apples,
Prunes, Plums,
Gooseberries, Grapes,
Currants, Oranges, Rasberries, Grapefruit,
Huckleberries, Strawberries,
Rhubarb, Cantaloupe

Vegetables (raw):
Radishes, Cucumbers,
Celery, Lettuce,
Cabbage, Onions,
Carrots, Tomatoes

Vegetables, (cooked)
Kohlrabi, Parsnips,
Turnips, Corn,
Asparagus, Brussel sprouts,
Beets, Spinach,
Cauliflour, String beans,
Peas, Cornmeal,
Beans, Whole wheat,
Lentils, Whole cereals,
The vegetables named last are not as effective as the first ones.


Bayleaf, Mint,
Basil, Oregano,
Chives, Parsley,
Garlic, Sage,
Marjoram, Thyme,

Aniseed, Dill,
Cardamom, Fennel,
Caraway Poppy Seed
Celery seed Zedvar

Allspice, Mustard,
Cayenne, Nutmeg,
Citron, Orris Root,
Cinnamon, Paprika,
Clove, Saffron,
Crocus, Vanilla,
Ginger, Violet Root,

Herbs should be used in small quantities. Cooked vegetables should be seasoned with one or other of the savories, and if raw, as in salads, with one or other of the aromatics.

Light Flavors:
Celery Stalks
Salt, Leaves,
Seeds, Parsley

Strong Flavors:
Sage, Leeks,
Savory, Marjoram,
Thyme, Rosemary,
Bay Leaf, Stalks,
Garlic, Parsley,
Onion, Chives


1 pint water equals 1 pound
1 pint equals 2 cupfuls
1 ounce equals 2 level tablespoonfuls (water, oil or sugar)
1 tablespoon honey equals 1 ounce
1 tablespoon raw sugar equals 1/2 ounce
1 tablespoon oil equals 1/2 ounce
3 teaspoonfuls equal 1 tablespoon
2 ounces equal 1/4 cup
3 cupfuls cornmeal equal 1 pound
3 1/2 cupfuls flour equal 1 pound
3 1/2 cupfuls rice equal 1 pound
4 cupfuls grated coconut equal to 1 pound
1 tablespoon nut butter equals 1 ounce

1 pound sifted equals 3 1-5 cups
1 ounce equals 3 1/2 teaspoons (Pastry)
1 pound equals 4 cups (Rye)
1 pound sifted equals 37/8 cups (Graham)
1 pound equals 3 1/2 (Entire wheat)
1 pound equals 3 1/2 cups

Rice (Natural Brown)
1 pound equals 2 cups

1 pound in the shell equals 1/2 pound shelled
1 cup of nut meats weighs 6 to 10 ounces

Dried Beans
1 pound equals 2 cups

Rolled Oats
1 pound equals 4 3/4 cups

Oatmeal (Scotch or Irish)
1 pound equals 2 2/3 cups

Split Peas
1 pound equals 1 1-7 cups

Macaroni (Whole wheat)
1 pound equals 3 cups of broken macaroni

The juice of an average lemon equals 3 tablespoons
Grated rind of an average lemon equals 2 teaspoons

The juice of an average orange equals 1/2 cup
Grated rind of an average orange equals 2 tablespoons

1 ounce of ground allspice equals 5 tablespoons
1 ounce of celery seed equals 5 tablespoons
1 ounce of ground cinnamon equals 2 tablespoons
1 ounce of ground cloves equals 2 tablespoons
1 ounce of mustard seed equals 4 tablespoons
1 ounce of nutmeg (average grated) equals 5 teaspoons
1 ounce of ground pepper equals 4 tablespoons
1 ounce of peppercorn equals 6 tablespoons
1 ounce of ground ginger equals 6 tablespoons

2 ounces of dry bread crumbs equal I cup
3/4 cup of cracker crumbs equals I cup of bread crumbs

Dried Fruit
1 pound of currants equals 2 2/3 cups
6 ounces of currants equal I cup
6 ounces of raisins equal 1 cup

1 pound equals 2 2/3 cups

In any recipe calling for eggs, substitute 1 tablespoon of water for each egg.

Any vegetable oil may be substituted for olive oil in the following recipes.

Where recipe calls for white flour, substitute wholewheat flour, using approximately 1 cup of flour to 2 cups of water, or, better still, slightly lessen original amount of flour which recipe calls for.

Use (whole wheat) pastry, flour for lightweight cakes and cookies.

Soy milk may be substituted for cow’s milk; vegetable, sesame, or olive oil for butter, and nut cream for plain or whipped cream.

In those recipes calling for salt. use either vegetable or sea salt.

For sugar, substitute with honey, date sugar or any sweetener to your taste,

Those who wish may elaborate upon some of the recipes by using dairy products. They are undesirable because of mucous-forming properties. but the least harmful of animal foods.

Advice to the mother-Almond milk is the most perfect and ideal food for the infant both in nutritional value and digestibility.

We recommend California olive oil–
it contains more food value.

NOTE: Be sure that all measurements are level.
After many years of study, the best results have been obtained by this simple formula for baking powder:
2 parts Cream of Tartar
1 part bicarbonate of soda
Mix well and use. Keep sealed and use as needed.
The author wishes to ease the minds of his readers in anticipation of any misunderstanding or doubt entailed by the possible existence of contradictory principles in the recipes of the following pages.

There can never be any denial strong enough to efface the supremacy of a raw food diet, but in our enlightenment we must not forget those who find great difficulty in making too swift a transition from the cooked foods to the raw. It is expressly as an aid to this latter type of element that I have included a variety of cooked food recipes (to be used at less and less frequent intervals) as an intermediary substitution until the individual is mentally graduated to receive the full benefits of a raw food diet.

-Dr. Pietro Rotondi D.C.

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