Stanford Study Proves Benefits of Vegan Diet

Stanford University completed a study back in November that proves the benefits of a vegan diet. Many nutritionists had previously argued that long-term health was as much a result of genes as a healthy diet is. Stanford studied 22 sets of identical twins long-term — one twin ate an omnivorous diet and the other twin […]

A Vegan Diet on a Budget

We have long maintained that the vegan diet is budget-friendly. As with most “health” diets, a main key is to avoid processed foods and this includes vegan processed foods when on a vegan or plant-based diet. Items such as veggie burgers, fake processed meats, and vegan cheeses can balloon any food budget. If you stick […]

So Cal Veg Fest 2018 and Farm Sanctuary Hoedown 2019

We attended the Southern California Veg Fest in 2018 and in 2019 (pix from 2019 soon!). We gave away free copies of Dr Rotondi’s cookbook, Vegetarian Cookery. We also attended Farm Sanctuary’s Hoedown in Watkins Glen, New York in 2019. We had fun hanging with Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary at both events. Enjoy the […]

Healthy Summer Salad

We just whipped up this salad using a bag of Trader Joe’s Broccoli slaw. Super delicious! We added balsamic vinaigrette dressing but you can eat as-is or use your favorite dressing. 1 package Trader Joe’s Broccoli slaw (12 oz) 2 shredded carrots 1 chopped celery stalk 2 chopped plum tomatoes 1 half package frozen peas […]

James Cameron Checks in With Documentary on Vegan Athletes

Famed director James Cameron (Terminator, Titanic, Avatar, etc) will be releasing a new documentary film focusing on vegan athletes entitled The Game Changers. One of the details that is capturing headlines is Cameron’s contention that a vegan diet will put Viagra out of business. Indeed, it has long been suggested that erectile dysfunction is one […]

We’re At SoCalVegFest in Costa Mesa

We’re giving away our books and bookmarks at SoCalVegFest! (Donations encouraged.) Stop by our booth (H7) and say hi! 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa CA

Your Vegetarian Baby Published

We have published Dr. Rotondi’s booklet, Your Vegetarian Baby. Please enjoy learning further about his philosophy and advice regarding child-rearing. [The usual disclaimer applies: We do not necessarily endorse the entire contents of this text. We strongly urge parents to consult a professional nutritionist and/or other sources when considering any diets for their children.]

“Impossible” Burger Debuts

I was intrigued by a recent news article about a new veggie burger that is being served in NYC. As the article notes, this burger is not geared toward hard-core vegans but at meat lovers who might like a meat substitute that looks and tastes more like meat. It actually “bleeds” beet juice and is […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi all! A little late for this but we obviously support all efforts to eliminate meats from your holiday gatherings. To that end, Huffpo has some great modern vegan recipes. I have Dr. Rotondi’s Your Vegetarian Baby almost ready to add to the archive here. Stay tuned. (As per usual, we recommend talking to a […]

Vegans Represent at NYC People’s Climate March

I attended the People’s Climate March today but was only able to stay for the “assembly” portion as I had to get back to my office. I noticed a large vegan group displaying a banner that said “Compassion — Nonviolence — For the People — For the Planet — For the Animals.” Indeed, vegans have […]