The Rotondi Foundation encourages peace and harmony for all families at Thanksgiving. While we don’t want ANY turkeys to be slaughtered, we trust that meat-eaters who choose to forgo an all-vegan meal for their vegan guests will include plenty of vegan plates at their tables to keep everyone happy. (You know how to use Google to find vegan Thanksgiving recipes, right?)

And to all the vegans out there: your choices already speak volumes. You are probably going to be asked questions about your diet. Don’t feel like you have to stand on your soapbox for your passionate causes and antagonize your friends and family. Be polite and positive! Also, don’t get bent out of shape if you feel like you have to bring your own vegan entree. If you do, make sure it’s delicious and bring enough for everyone to try it!

Finally, we encourage all to donate to Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-a-Turkey program. They put together this video about the turkey farming and the many turkeys they manage to rescue from these farms.

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