Beef Industry Fighting Back

The NCBA issued a statement in protest of a contest sponsored by the USDA and first lady Michelle Obama which encourages kids to come up with their own meat-free recipes. Saying the contest contributes to the “misconception that meat is over-consumed in the U.S.,” the industry fails to acknowledge that a high-meat diet does indeed […]

Former U.S. President Sticking to Vegan Diet

Many people know former U.S. President Bill Clinton has become a vegan. Clinton was often made fun of for his junk food breaks during earlier public life but after he was diagnosed with heart disease, he is giving veganism a serious run. Clinton has already achieved remarkable weight loss and appears very healthy in recent […]

Vegan Bakers Make Headlines

Nia Froome, founder of Mamma Nia’s Vegan Bakery, has won a young entrepreneur award and will meet President Obama later this month. Ms. Froome continues the trend of wowing sweets lovers with tasty baked goods that are dairy-free. Back in June, Chloe Coscarelli stunned the pastry world by winning the Food Networks cupcake contest competing […]